Positive response to ‘CILEx is Changing’– have your say too

CILEx is ChangingSimon Garrod, CILEx director of policy and governance, writes:

‘CILEx is Changing’ is the name of the extensive programme of transformation running throughout 2018 which will make CILEx a stream-lined, agile organisation fit to face the challenges of the future.

Following an independent review of its governance structure, benchmarking and assessing against good practice generally and in the legal sector specifically, CILEx has already achieved much in taking the report’s recommendations forward; now it is consulting members and stakeholders in order to ensure that their views are front and centre.

So far CILEx has put in place:

i. A new group structure focusing on CILEx’s three core roles: public interest, professional interest, and regulation through separate;

ii. A new CILEx Group Board with expertise to drive further development;

iii. The inclusion of independent members with specific expert competences needed to support the organisation;

iv. Transparent and proper competence criteria against which members of the governance structure can now be recruited and appointed;

v. A specific committee to manage appointments and performance.

Now, CILEx is specifically seeking views on:

i. Geographical representation;

ii. The inclusion of non-Fellows;

iii. Moving from election to competency-based appointment;

iv. Amendments to the current Bye-Laws.

CILEx has evolved over time. Evidence shows that it is well regarded within the legal sector, the membership and the main employers of our members and, in a number of ways, has been seen to be an innovator, leading the way in how it operates and the training, products and services if offers.

However, CILEx’s current consultation is informed by a number of factors: less than 5% of members actively participate in the branch structure; 60% of CILEx’s membership (non-Fellows) have no representation within its governing structure; there have been hardly any contested elections for seats for the last 20 years. Is this right? What do members want in terms of local support? Could CILEx be even more representative?

Initial consultation responses are positive about embracing further change in relation to:

  • CILEx ensuring that its governance structure is populated with individuals who have demonstrated they have the right skills and competences;
  • The regional branch network being a formal part of CILEx’s governance structure and having terms of reference that reflect the key strategic and business objectives of CILEx;
  • Key issues for members revolving around enhancing support in qualification, in practice and throughout their career;
  • Unsurprisingly, improving flexibility of delivery of these services such as through more online access, regionally through local hubs etc
  • Extending enfranchisement to non-Fellows.

The consultation remains open until 11 July (midday).

Thereafter, CILEx will formally submit the consequential changes required to its bye-laws to the Privy Council. Further details on the progress of these reforms, in relation to the proposals in our current consultation and ongoing progress can be found at www.cilex.org.uk/about_cilex/governance_review. We would like to hear from you.

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