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Podcast: Shieldpay and SeedLegals discuss standardising deals

ShieldpayIn the latest episode of the Shieldcast, Geoff Dunnett hosts Co-founder and CEO of SeedLegals, Anthony Rose, to discuss the standardisation of documents and deal terms in funding rounds, the macro effects of tech disruptors and what to consider when expanding product offering.

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The Shieldcast is Shieldpay’s podcast that features friends, partners and clients to discuss their amazing products, share industry insights and generally talk about things we think listeners will find interesting.

In this latest series of the Shieldcast, a spotlight is placed on the transaction management lifecycle. Geoff Dunnett, Managing Director at Shieldpay is in discussions with legaltech companies, legal practitioners and others who are involved in the transactional process from the planning phase to the building phase and through to the closing phase.