Perfect Portal launches payment feature within their mobile apps for law firms

Perfect Portal Payment Feature

The leading mobile app provider in the legal industry, Perfect Portal has launched a new feature for consumers to make payments via a firm’s mobile app.

The unforeseen circumstances of the past year have comprehensively impacted the way industries model their business. It isn’t a matter of rolling with the punches, but in fact working smarter: those that succeed during adverse conditions acclimatise to best fit the needs of their clients.

Payments have become a key ingredient for mobile strategy in today’s digital climate.

In an extensive study conducted by the Survey of Consumer Payment Choice (SCPC), the results identified how speed, security, convenience and cost have a statistically significant influence on the adoption and use of selected payment instruments.

Straightforward transactions in which the sender and receiver maintain control is the intention, and this payment feature is the catalyst in accomplishing this.

By 2022, the transaction value of mobile payment apps is projected to surpass over €14 trillion. And as technology becomes more sophisticated and user friendly, so does society’s capacity to work it.

In-app mobile payments will soon be routine, replacing the need for clients to conduct transactions via separate apps, or disclose their financial details over the phone.

This new feature by Perfect Portal serves as a key in creating a more secure and seamless method of payment: unlocking the power of digital.

The most crucial of requirements your clients will want to know is if their money is in safe hands.

That’s why the overall functionality and security of mobile integrated payment features are regularly modified to ensure your personal details and transaction information aren’t being compromised.

Yvonne Hirons, Founder and Global CEO of Perfect Portal says ‘We work closely with our law firms in ensuring that any feedback into improving our services is effectively actioned. It became increasingly common that firms were looking to offer their clients a straightforward solution when it came to completing payments. After taking such comments on board, we brought out the payment feature integrated within our tailored mobile apps! Fast forward six weeks and we have already received rave reviews from both firms and their clients when it came to initiating payments via the app!’

Firms that have integrated this feature into their branded apps have also discussed how staff members are finding it easier to monitor the requests sent and payments received.

‘Setting up the payment feature couldn’t have been easier, and it has added to what was already a great system. Our clients love it and find it so easy to use and it saves all of us time as we no longer need to take card payments over the phone. Choosing to move to the branded app and making use of all of the features that come with it has been the best decision that we have made in progressing our business and communicating with our clients.’ adds Bethany Howells, Conveyancing Executive, HPLC Conveyancing.

Once a payment has been initiated via the app, the sender will receive an immediate email notification to confirm their funds are en route.

Upon receipt, the accounts department will be notified via email, disclosing the transaction details to ensure employees of your firm are aware of incoming funds, as well as giving them the tools to identify outstanding payments more effectively.

Employees can also track received funds via the report suite within Perfect Portal. This cloud-based system updates automatically so all financial matters can be accessed 24/7.

The obvious benefit to this is the overall speed it takes to send and receive funds. Just last week, a firm recorded their fastest turnover, with a client completing a payment under 3-minutes.

Pretty impressive right?

Find out how we can get the payment feature set up on your firm’s tailored app today! There has never been a better time to invest in the technology.

Rob Lawson


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