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Perfect PortalPerfect Portal has evolved in recent years from a conveyancing tool to a full-service solution which coves every aspect of law.

Launched in 2014 by CEO and founder Yvonne Hirons, Perfect Portal was initially set up as a quoting tool for conveyancers but has since flourished into a complete digital service solution that provides a vast range of services to law firms of every type.

Using its tried and trusted technology, Perfect Portal lets firms easily onboard clients, accept and track payments, share leads and referrals, verify identities, collate client reviews, provide data reporting insights, track case progress, send out dynamic questionnaires and much more.

Underpinning the technology is convenience. Perfect Portal is built around a simple-to-use app and online interface, all designed to free up time to let law firms of every type get on with the important task of delivering for their clients. The technology which underpins Perfect Portal is constantly updated too, adapting to changing demands in the industry, client feedback and the insights of its own teams of experts.

Today, Perfect Portal is used by hundreds of companies of all sizes, from small businesses to top 100 law firms in the UK and Australia and is one of the leading lawtech companies in the UK.

The evolution of Perfect Portal is something that’s been driven by the evolution of technology coupled with the demands of the industry.

Yvonne said: “I’ve worked in the legal sector since 1998 and as technology evolved, it felt like there was a big opportunity to introduce some of these advances and let that technology do a lot of the heavy lifting.

“There’s so much about the day-to-day running of a firm that can needlessly take up time. From backroom admin tasks to taking payments, communicating with different parties, and dealing with online reviews. Technology can make things so much simpler, but it needs to be done right.”

Things have changed a lot in recent years, but Perfect Portal has constantly striven to move ahead of the times. In addition to the software itself, Perfect Portal is part of a complete ecosystem of digital solutions and can combine with the likes of Reapit, Stripe, Lawfusion and Google Ads.

Yvonne added: “The phrase ‘lawtech’ is pretty commonplace now but it wasn’t back then, we were really breaking new ground and a lot of our current clients have been with us every step of the way. We’ve continued to grow and adapt based on the needs of our clients and the wider industry. As a result, Perfect Portal has evolved into something much bigger, and which now covers every aspect of law.”

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