How Pardoes have expanded their practice thanks to DPS’s holistic IT solution

Guy Adams- Pardoes Solicitors

Guy Adams, managing partner at Pardoes Solicitors LLP

Pardoes Solicitors LLP, a large regional practice with 5 offices, has been serving the Somerset and Dorset area for over 100 years.  They are well known in the area for providing a very rounded service covering all a client’s legal needs from “cradle to grave”.

They wanted a cohesive and fully integrated modern solution.

Practice Management was from one supplier, Digital Dictation from another and Case Management from a third. The hosting including Word and the Microsoft office suite was from yet another supplier.

Each provider worked but did not deliver what they wanted, which was a cohesive and fully integrated modern solution.

Case and Practice Management was identified as a priority and they searched for a solution that could deliver a proper 21st century experience to their clients and staff alike.

Practice Management Software from DPS was chosen as it provided a fully integrated solution for every department with no compromising of any aspect of the system. The reporting and fee earner management information including live KPI’s was central to performance management, the client connectivity key to providing a new world service.

Uniquely, in the legal software market DPS provide their software through their own dpscloud platform allowing them to offer a fully holistic solution for a single monthly fee.

Julie Innis, finance manager at Pardoes, was tasked with looking at the practice overheads, soon identified that the cost of the existing platform, adding the fees of 4 suppliers was more than the single cost from dpscloud.

Pardoes looked at the proposals and saw they could upgrade to the latest software from DPS One Office, giving fee earners access to the latest apps and technology and getting practice efficiencies and financial transparency for not much more overall expense.

Guy Adams, managing partner said, “Managing servers, desktops, software and the increasing amount of security we have to implement is a real headache we did not need. We know we need IT to do our work so we can strive forward and do our best without worrying about technology.”

‘’We know we need IT to do our work so we can strive forward and do our best’’.

The move to the DPS platform and software took 8 months of detailed planning and data conversion, assisted by 8 DPS Engineers & Trainers on site at “Go Live”.

DPS guided Pardoes throughout the process and were responsible for all the steps involved including training and data conversion. This was key to the successful transition.

They are now using the platform successfully and they are driving forward with ambition.

“Thanks to Financial Director the legal accounting software from DPS, we are now able to access more useful management information, far easier than before. Its integration with DPS’s case management system simplifies the work of the entire practice.” said Julie Innis, Finance Manager at Pardoes Solicitors LLP.

“Our new Practice Management Software, provided by DPS, helps up meet our targets and fuels our growth in various ways. It simplified the management of our IT solutions and took away the difficulty of liaising with different suppliers. Offloading everything to DPS in the cloud was probably one of our best business decisions.” added Guy Adams, managing partner at Pardoes Solicitors LLP.

“The transition to dpscloud, didn’t just involve an update of our systems but also introduced a case management software solution to our other departments.

“Before we signed up with DPS we were only using Conveyancing case management.  We now use a case management solution for most of our departments including Crime and Conveyancing”. said Kathryn Willis, IT Systems Administrator at Pardoes Solicitors LLP.

Pardoes now benefit from market leading practice management software, cutting edge technology and a high level of data security that would have been difficult to achieve without the ‘holistic’ approach from DPS.

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