Our SQE Journal is now open to everyone!

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The UK’s 1st digital SQE QWE record

The Flex Legal SQE Journal is now open to everyone! You can start tracking your Qualifying Work Experience as of right now, and you don’t even have to be a Flex platform member. Start recording your SQE QWE online now.

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re big-time enthusiasts of the SQE. The existing training contract bottleneck is problematic, and the route to qualifying is all too often closed off to a lot of talented and capable aspiring solicitors. We sincerely believe that the SQE can carve through this bottleneck, and create a fairer and more open path to qualification for those that deserve it. We are committed to supporting the SQE and what it represents, which is why we’ve been hard at work on the SQE Journal.

Our SQE Journal is the first digital record for tracking SQE Qualifying Work Experience. It is designed to work seamlessly alongside the QWE requirement of the SQE, and offers SQE candidates the means to record their QWE in line with the SRA’s solicitor competencies. If you aren’t entirely sure how the SQE works, we’d advise you to take a quick look at the breakdown on this blog post.

Beta launch

The SQE Journal allows you to fill out digital journal entries, and record current or previous work experience as QWE. Each entry can be directly tracked against the SRAs competencies, which the journal can track and show your progress towards. We’ll also be launching an additional features very soon where Journal users can submit their entries directly to supervisors to be approved.

  • Reflect on your experience and your learnings
  • Track your progress against the SRA competency framework
  • Manage your experience across different organisations and between supervisors
  • Share your progress with your supervisor and request required confirmations

We need your feedback

Anyone interested in the SQE can start tracking their Qualifying Work Experience as of right now, and you don’t have to be on the Flex platform to take advantage of it! The service is currently in beta mode, so any and all feedback should be directed to sqe@f-lex.co.uk. We want this service to be as helpful as it possibly can be, so your thoughts on it are greatly appreciated.

We want this new service to make the SQE even more accessible for the paralegals on our platform, as well as aspirational lawyers in the broader legal community. So start recording your SQE Qualifying Work Experience now and tell us what you think!


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