When one will search finds two wills for the deceased

The law firm in question conduct a Certainty Will Search for every estate they are instructed on and in every situation. They are therefore used to finding the unknown, unfound and occasionally the unexpected.

In this particular case, the Lancashire-based law firm conducted a will search against a deceased gentleman who lived in Oxford.

 From the one search they found two wills for the deceased, one at a firm in Oxford and one at a firm in Reading.

At the time of writing it is not known whether the firms who held the wills were aware that the testator had passed on or which of them actually held the last will, we suspect both believed that they held the last will! 

 What is known is that the Lancashire-based firm, through their diligence to always help ensure that the last will is discovered through the use of a Certainty Will Search, has prevented a series of unfortunate events. 

 The search used for this case was a Will Search Combined at £90 + VAT.


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