Is Offline Marketing Still An Option In A Digital World?

Solve-Legal-MarketingI had a meeting the other day with a potential client who were trying to get their head around the digital age of marketing and frankly they were feeling the pressure to become part of the social media revolution.

Their business was not one which would see quick results from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn however and I told them they had other options, including offline channels, which may work better for their particular business.

This you may be balking at, but honestly, I truly believe that there is still a place for print and I don’t believe it is dead.

Even in an age of smartphones and quick go to websites, potential customers are still paying attention to the printed word. Digital marketing and print can work alongside one another.

How does old school media still matter and is it still successful?

Print adverts command attention that online adverts simply do not – there is a permanence to print that online adverts do not offer. Print ads literally live forever, thumb through a magazine from 1, 5 or 10 years ago, that advert is still there – a banner advert is often gone once a user clicks onto another page.

Another plus is that you cannot argue with the ‘trust factor’ that print offers either – it offers a strong credibility factor – and is especially resonant with local advertising. A survey conducted within the last 5 years saw that consumer trust in print adverts was far higher (71%) than in online advertising (25%).

Without a doubt there was a definite period of decline for print media – I know this as I worked for Trinity Mirror from 1999  for 10 years and saw the rise of all things digital myself-  however it is definitely levelling now meaning it looks like it is here to stay.

Ultimately the two can work together and the most effective strategies ought to combine print and digital media – drive traffic to your website through the trust garnered by a print advert.

Strongly translate your message, brand and vision through print

When writing this article, I have been forced to consider why and how print is still relevant in this digital age.  I am an overthinker by nature, but this one surprised me in its simplicity – printed copy provides a completely different experience – you can hold it, you can feel its weight, it may be glossy, it may be matt or newspaper. It is real and present – it does not flash up and then disappear, it stays where it is – you can easily refer to it when you want to, take it to a friend or family member and share it.

If an advert is encased within a familiar print brand, be a national paper right through to the local magazine or parish news it elicits a feeling of affinity and these ‘sweet spot’ feelings then enable us as humans to feel trust. This is backed by Heather Andrew, CEO of Neuro – Insight (UK) Ltd who strongly advocates the use of all media to create a strong communication of brand consistency which in turn builds trust.

So, in short, I really believe that there still firmly lies a place in marketing for print media, be it direct mail, newspaper display advertising or in a glossy magazine which will add to your brand’s integrity. Consistency is key and now we have so many other channels and platform to promote brands and services on – it’s all good!!

My role at Solve Legal Marketing means I get to advise firms and legal service providers on how best to promote themselves and their brand. I have found that a good and consistent marketing mix really helps engender trust and loyalty alongside meaningful engagement.

If you would like to learn more about how Solve Legal Marketing (and I!) can help advise you in the promotion of your brand and business to make meaningful engagements with the right target audience contact me on 01829 307809 or Visit for more information.

Rachel Booth, Account Director, Solve Legal Marketing

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