Ocean Homes choose Hoowla Case Management’s conveyancing software

hoowlaEstablished in 1983, Ocean is an independent estate agency serving Bristol and Portishead. Their range of services include property sales, lettings, conveyancing, mortgages, and more.

From their inception, their primary focus has been on ensuring the utmost care for individuals navigating the purchase or sale of their homes. Ocean understand that this process can often be challenging, and their goal is to make it as worry-free as possible.

Ocean was founded with a firm commitment to shake up the estate agency industry, challenging stereotypes along the way. Their core mission is to facilitate smooth and stress-free experiences for those buying and selling homes. It was a natural progression for them to expand their services to include other essential components of the home-moving process, all while maintaining their dedication to prioritising customer care above all else and they needed a case management system that scaled and fit with their business model.

At Hoowla, we’re always excited to work with innovative companies that challenge traditional business models. Ocean is a brilliant example of a unique organisation that combines an estate agency with conveyancing services. This fusion allows their estate agency to easily feed into their conveyancing department, creating a cohesive and efficient workflow for themselves and their clients.

“Ocean started their journey with Hoowla using our conveyancing quote software but I always knew they were the right fit for our full Case Management System. Over the four years of working with Ocean we never were pushy about Case Management but when Ocean contacted us to explore their migration from ALB we were ready. I am proud that we are now three years into being their Case Management provider.” Says Adam Curtis, Hoowla Managing Director.

Ocean’s migration from ALB Advanced to Hoowla’s case management system was driven for improved data sharing, transparency, and collaboration across their estate agency and conveyancing solicitors. The move represented more than a software change; it demonstrates Ocean’s commitment to providing a modern approach to conveyancing.

With Hoowla, Ocean found a platform that unified with their operations, breaking down silos and enhancing communication and team collaboration. This allowed their multi-branch firm to access real-time updates, share information effortlessly, and collaborate across departments. Team members quickly adapted to Hoowla’s user-friendly interface, boosting productivity and customer service. Clients also benefited from a smoother experience with quicker response times and greater transparency throughout transactions. In essence, Ocean’s migration to Hoowla was a strategic step towards a more connected and efficient business environment, aligning with their forward-thinking business structure.

For Ocean, one of the standout features of Hoowla is its conveyancing quote calculator, a tool that enables Ocean and their clients to generate and receive accurate quotes promptly directly through their website. This simplified process not only amplified client satisfaction but also ensures transparency and accuracy in pricing for both sides. In addition to the quote calculator, Hoowla provides a range of features that have transformed Ocean’s operations. The client portal, for example, has become an essential tool for Ocean and their clients alike. Through the portal, clients can access their case information and receive real-time updates on progress offering transparency that has significantly improved communication and engagement, building a stronger relationship between Ocean and their clients.

Not only that, Hoowla’s document management feature has maximised Ocean’s workflow, allowing for efficient organisation and access to important files. For instance, the case tracking feature enables Ocean’s teams to monitor progress and allocate resources effectively whilst staying compliant.

Hoowla’s suite of tools, including the quote calculator, client portal, document management, and case tracking, have boosted how Ocean operates. Clients benefit from a simple and transparent experience, from obtaining quotes to tracking their case progress. Meanwhile, Ocean’s teams enjoy improved efficiency, team collaboration, reporting, legal accounts and much more.

The move to Hoowla has been a success story for Ocean. The benefits of improved collaboration, transparency, and a modern digital experience were evident from the start. We at Hoowla are thrilled to be part of Ocean’s journey towards a more efficient, customer-centric approach, and we look forward to continuing to support their innovative business model as they contine their growth trajectory.

If you’re looking at changing your case management provider and are worried about migrating your data or if you meet the system requirements, book a no-obligation demo with Adam Curtis. Whether you need advice, or an informal chat about how case management can transform the way your firm handles its processes, we believe in providing impartial advice to help you make the right decision.


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