Newly launched law firm puts security first

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Freshly launched North East based law firm, Lever Law, has placed security top of their agenda by implementing a trio of three cyber risk products to secure its business and clients from day one.

The brand-new business has instigated a security first approach to significantly enhance their security risk framework by installing an army of cyber risk products to defend itself from fraudulent activity.

Lever Law understands the catastrophic implications of not having robust systems in place to mitigate the risk of fraud by having vital security in place on the first day of business.

The savvy firm have installed Lawyer Checker’s innovative Account & Entity Screen (AES), which verifies the legitimacy of the law firm on the other side of the transaction. Plus, Consumer Bank Account Checker (CBAC) which works by validating the source and destination of funds by checking the bank account details match your client’s personal details when sending or receiving client funds.

The risk adverse firm has also been successfully awarded with Cyber Essentials certification, a Government backed accreditation scheme, through accredited assessor, Practical Vision Network.

The National Centre for Cyber Security has identified the legal sector as a top target for cyber criminals. The sensitive data, large sums of money and important information that is held needs protecting to avoid severe damage to clients and business reputation.

Cyber Essentials is a ‘must have’ certification for law firms which gives firms peace of mind that they have done everything possible to shield themselves from cyber risk.

Practical Vision Network, incorporating leading risk management solutions provider, Lawyer Checker, who is best known for its pioneering conveyancing risk tool AES, has developed its portfolio to include a range of cyber risk products.

With illegitimate law firms ever present coupled with the threat of data breaches, Lever Law wanted to show their customers, their stakeholders and fraudsters that they take cyber security extremely seriously.

Dale Lever, solicitor and founder of Lever Law said: “As a new business, and in particular, being a start up law firm we know how important it is to protect our clients, and the firm, from the threat of fraud.

“We have all read the horror stories and hope that it would never happen to us. However, as todays modern cyber criminals become increasing more sophisticated we must make sure we are always three steps ahead.

“We understood that we needed to protect ourselves from the imminent threat of fraud by putting in place vigorous measures to alleviate the risks.

“We had heard a lot about Lawyer Checker and decided to speak with them in respect of the best defences to assist us in combatting fraud. The team were fantastic and after a short conversation we decided to proceed. After successfully obtaining our Cyber essentials certification we decided to go one step further and implement several other Lawyer Checker products such as the Account & Entity Screen and Consumer Bank Account Checker to demonstrate to our clients how far we are willing to go to protect them and our firm”

Situated in Durham, recently opened Lever Law specialises in array of services such as conveyancing, commercial property matters, Wills and probate, powers of attorney and sports, media and entertainment. Lever Law pride themselves on going the extra mile for their clients by exceeding their expectations, while their highly experienced and personable professionals put you at ease from the outset.

With cyber criminals becoming more and more sophisticated and widespread in the UK, law firms will continue to face increasing cyber threats. Lawyer Checker’s cyber risk products portfolio, including Account & Entity Screen, Consumer Bank Account Checker plus Cyber Essentials certification can reassure firms that they are protecting their business and their clients to the best of their abilities.


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