New VinciWorks Course “Data Protection: Privacy at Work” Helps Firms Avoid Serious Data Breaches

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16 March 2017

VinciworksVinciWorks, a leading provider of online compliance courses for international business, has launched a brand new, fully customisable data protection course designed to help companies avoid serious data breaches and fines from the ICO.

Data Protection: Privacy at Work, is a 20-minute, interactive, mobile-friendly course that is individually tailored to each user. This course combines the latest in policy and law with best practice guidelines for data protection. It provides real-world scenarios, interactive features and review questions to test understanding of key points. To begin, an interactive game will guide users through the complex web of decisions that every business has to make when it comes to implementing data protection policies, providing a deeper understanding of the core issues.

The customisation options of Data Protection: Privacy at Work enable each user to fully select what they need to know for their role in the business, including for HR, marketing, and IT departments. With country and industry specific modules being added all the time, completing Data Protection: Privacy at Work will ensure each user knows how to comply with data protection laws for their specific role in any organisation.

Howard Finger, CEO of VinciWorks and a pioneer of e-learning, said:

“Everyone in a business needs to know about the potential pitfalls of data protection. Can you verify that everyone on your marketing list gave you consent to use their email? Do you check your work email on your personal phone? Millions of pounds of fines are levied every year for breaches like this, and it’s going to get worse. Very soon, new EU data laws could see a business fined 4% of annual turnover for misusing data, so it’s vital to make sure everyone is trained.”

The course also takes users through upcoming changes to data protection laws in their area which will happen thanks to GDPR, the EU’s new data protection law, which will come into force across the bloc (including the UK) in May 2018. Under GDPR, HR professionals will no longer be able to conduct standard criminal record checks on new employees without a legal justification.

Plus an extra 75,000 Data Protection Officers will need to be hired to help companies comply with the new regulations. Data Protection: Privacy at Work, and the free

Guide to GDPR compliance VinciWorks has also published, cover of all these issues and more in depth.

Data Protection: Privacy at Work is available from today. You can request a demonstration of the course Data Protection: Privacy at Work here. You can also download VinciWorks’ free guide to GDPR compliance here.

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