New series of Heir Hunters starts next week

Finders InternationalFinders International will feature prominently in the new series of the hugely popular Heir Hunters, which starts next week on BBC One.

The daytime show focuses on the work of heir hunting firms like ourselves and features the interesting cases we encounter. Often, this can mean telling people about a totally unexpected inheritance—or even relatives they’ve never heard about.

The programmes we appear in start on Monday 16 April and run till Thursday 19 April the first week, and from 23 to 27 April the following week. Heir Hunters goes out at 11am every day. It’s presented this time by Michael Buerk, the renowned BBC broadcaster and journalist.

Series 12 of Heir Hunters kicks off with Trevor Rowlinson, whose large family tree identified more than 50 beneficiaries—far more than Trevor’s friends had realised.

Other cases we worked on include Richard Evans. If you know anything about Welsh genes, you’ll realise Evans is an extremely common surname in Wales. Richard’s family was the genealogist’s worst nightmare, as the Evans name appeared on the maternal and paternal side.

Our Irish colleagues worked on the case of John Donaghy, which is also part of Series 12. Mr Donaghy left a high-value estate, so the Finders team had to work quickly to find the rightful heirs to his estate.

When it came to Gerald Bryce, another of the estates we worked on, his case differed as Mr Bryce had made a will. However, there was a possibility the will was invalid, and Finders International took the chance to work on it, discovering a fun-loving eccentric who provided an insight into the world of Butlins. Watch the episode to see if we made the right decision.

Danny Curran, Finders International founder and managing director, said: “We’ve been working with Avalon Entertainment, the producers of Heir Hunters for many years now and it’s always rewarding to see our work featured on the show. It helps create an awareness of how probate genealogy works and what professional heir hunters do.

“We look forward to seeing the finished programmes. And I’m sure people will find the stories as fascinating as we did.”

You can contact Finders International on 0800 085 8796 or email or visit their website for more information.

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