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Select Legal Systems Limited, authors of LAWFUSION, specialist software for law firms, are proud to announce they have added a new Mental Health workflow module to their library.

The new module is a very comprehensive chart. It helps with preparing for mental health tribunals, hospital managers hearings and bulk submissions to the Legal Aid Agency for Contract Work Adminstraion (CWA) – as well as all the documentation, correspondence and reminders required to ensure the firm’s mental health cases run smoothly.

Team LAWFUSION has collaborated with niche provider Lisa Marie McNulty, owner and managing partner of McNulty Solicitors.  Lisa had this to say, “I had a case management system but it hadn’t been updated by the software provider for a good 5 years and they’d informed me from next year that the software wasn’t going to support Microsoft. When I researched the market nobody did mental health software. I reviewed 4 potential legal software suppliers and spoke to them about working with my firm to create a new mental health module that would meet all the demands of this niche area of law. The LAWFUSION team were by far the most amenable and enthusiastic about working with me.

Select Legal Systems Limited offer a considerable library of legal case management workflow charts covering a wide variety of areas of law, as well as a generic workflow tool so that firms can create their own. Of course LAWFUSION offers case management modules for most of the popular areas of law such as conveyancing, crime and family law etc., but LAWFUSION workflow charts are also being used by law firms for a wide variety of niche areas of law – for example industrial deafness, aviation law and RSPCA law, and Team LAWFUSION is adding new case management workflow modules all the time. They are able to offer all of this as a result of having very intuitive and flexible software, and also its authors having worked so closely with some of the best law firms in this country over 25 years.

Lisa Marie McNulty, Managing Partner of McNulty Solicitors continued, “My previous system didn’t cater for legal aid bulk submissions and also because it hadn’t been updated for so long we were trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, making use of any spare field we could for our mental health data, which was far from ideal. I am live with LAWFUSION now and get a whole host of additional benefits as the system is so well integrated. The mental health software module itself is marvellous and I am actually looking forward to submitting my next CWA claim to the Legal Aid Agency, it is going to be so much quicker and easier.”

Joanne Hunter, Head of Marketing for Select Legal Systems said, “I would urge any law firm looking for a particular workflow to contact us if they cannot see it listed on our website. We regularly add new software modules to our workflow library. Chances are we will have it, and if we don’t Team LAWFUSION will certainly be able to help you build it.

When it comes to law firms creating their own charts, the LAWFUSION workflow creation software has been designed to be highly intuitive and flexible for law firms, and is suitable for automating and streamlining any area of law. Twenty-five years in the business has allowed us to build up an unrivalled understanding of what fee earners need.”

If you would like any further information regarding LAWFUSION, its workflow tool, its workflow charts or any other aspect of the LAWFUSION  – please call Select Legal Systems Limited on 01482 567601 during office hours.  Alternatively  there is an online ‘request a demo form’ available here on the LAWFUSION website.


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