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New knowledge check: Phishing Challenge

Phishing-challengeEmployees are the weakest link in most cyber security attacks. The VinciWorks Phishing Challenge [1] addresses this weakness by training employees to spot phishing emails.

This five-minute, mobile-friendly challenge:

Demo the Phishing Challenge [1]

The Phishing Challenge is designed as a “micro course”, a five-minute, SCORM compliant e-learning course that can be used in any learning management system to track user completions and risk score.

It is available for free, whether or not you are a VinciWorks [2] client.

Advanced analytics and course customisation

This Phishing Challenge can be customised (at a cost) to include internal information about cyber security policies. We can also collect advanced analytics to identify cyber weaknesses in your organisation.

These analytics include:

Demo the Phishing Challenge [1]

Part of VinciWorks’ cyber security training

This micro course is part of a 20 minute cyber security course [3], a journey through a series of interactive apps just like this one. The course will help users understand their cyber security weak points, how to identify and avoid social engineering and how to avoid phishing emails or unsafe websites. You can demo the course here [4].

Why phishing?

Phishing is becoming a growing threat to our security.  Even if your organisation’s IT department is doing everything to make their computer system safe, one employee can bring down the organisation through a phishing scam. For example, simply clicking on a PDF attachment [5] can compromise your account details, as well as that of your colleagues, friends and family.

Every organisation should ask itself:

Does the organisation’s account manager know how to differentiate between fake invoices and real ones?