Navigating pain points: Empowering enterprise law firms through customisable software

By Legal Futures Associate SOS Legal

Large enterprise law firms often wrestle with pain points that include complex workflows, customisation hurdles, scalability demands, integration challenges, and the pursuit of specialised expertise. We explore how customisable software serves as a solution to these pain points, ushering significant benefits for large law firms.

Complex workflows

Enterprise law firms handle diverse practice areas, each characterised by distinct workflows. Off-the-shelf software rarely fits seamlessly into these complex processes, leading to inefficiencies and disruptions. For enterprise law firms facing this pain point, customisable software offers them a tailored approach, allowing law firms to adapt the technology to match their specific workflows, thus enhancing efficiency and ensuring that no crucial steps are overlooked.

Unique requirements

A standard one-size-fits-all approach of many software providers doesn’t align with the customisation requirements of large law firms. Customisable software is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing law firms to tweak, mould, and configure the solution to precisely fit their needs. This level of customisation results in an efficient and highly usable system that meets the unique demands of the firm, whilst reducing redundancies.

Training and adoption

Transitioning to new software can be problematic, particularly for large teams and may be subject to resistance. Customisable software providers understand this hurdle and often provide comprehensive training resources to upskill users. This support facilitates smoother adoption, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.


As enterprise law firms grow, their software requirements evolve simultaneously. Finding a software provider that can accommodate the firm’s increasing requirements while offering scalability is crucial to avoid having to switch providers as the firm expands. Customisable software is built to scale, accommodating the firm’s increasing demands without requiring a disruptive switch to a new provider. This scalability ensures that the software remains an asset rather than a liability to growth.

Vendor expertise

Enterprise law firms require software providers that understand the unique requirements of large law firms. Software which may be effective for small-mid sized law firms, may lack the power and versatility that large-scale firms demand. Customisable software providers that have expertise in serving enterprise law firms will understand the nuances and challenges faced by large enterprise law firms. This expertise translates into solutions that truly address the firm’s specific needs, ensuring a more efficient and relevant software experience.

Integration challenges

It can be difficult for enterprise law firms to find a standalone solution that allows them to manage all of their legal operations. Integrating new software with existing tools can be complex and time-consuming, and compatibility issues can arise, hindering efficiency within operations. This is where customisable software proves advantageous. A customisable solution will allow firms to manage all of their unique business needs and operations within a single centralised platform. Good customisable software will not only streamline operations but will also offer seamless integrations and APIs, ensuring effective management.

If your enterprise law firm is familiar with these challenges, you may want to consider switching to a forward-thinking, customisable software solution – like SOS Connect. For an in-depth exploration of how customisable software can empower your firm and address your pain points, download “The Advantages of Fully Customisable Software” whitepaper, available at SOS Legal.


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