My ‘aha’ moment with tech: I need a PDF workspace, not just a PDF reader

Casedo 200By Legal Futures Associate Casedo

You’re a busy lawyer, I’m a busy lawyer. I won’t waste time with a long article.

Instead, I want to beam out one short and sweet thought—one that was years in the making and that hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks when it finally crystallized:

I need a PDF workspace, not just a PDF reader.

No wonder I was so frustrated using Adobe Acrobat to open 5+ documents, using tabs (that got smaller and smaller the more documents I opened) to maneuver from document to document, adding my notes and figuring out how the files related. I was using a PDF reader, but I wasn’t merely reading documents, I was working on them.

This realization led to a game-changing transformation in my document workflows.

I now relegate my PDF reader to only things it helps me with (i.e., reading a single document and filling out a form or signing that document). And I use Casedo—a PDF workspace—when I’m engaged in higher-order thinking with multiple files.

Within a few hours of starting my free trial, Casedo became an integral part of my workflows, helping me map out how documents intersect, create links between files and annotate with bookmarks, comments, and a pleasant range of highlighter colors.

At this point, I’m asking colleagues—and I’m asking you: Have you tried working with a PDF workspace instead of just a PDF reader? I encourage you to give it a try.


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