Muve have migrated from Quill to Hoowla’s legal accounts software for a unified system

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Muve, a distinguished conveyancing firm recognised by The Sunday Times as one of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses, has been providing top-notch transaction services since 2016. Renowned for their ability to prepare properties for exchange in just 5 weeks (or an additional 3 weeks for leasehold properties), Muve is committed to making the arduous process of property transactions simple and hassle-free for their clients. In 2019, Muve embarked on a significant upgrade by adopting Hoowla’s case management system, and recently, they took a further step by migrating their legal accounts to Hoowla for a unified, streamlined operation.

To further integrate themselves within the Hoowla system, they decided to move their legal accounts over, uniting their departments into one, unified system. The move was prompted by their dissatisfaction with their previous legal accounts supplier, who recently hiked up their prices after being acquired by a larger conglomerate and offered no increase in customer or software services.

The migration process posed a few challenges for Muve, particularly the transfer of historical data to the new system, as they had a large amount of data to download and organise accurately. However, we listened attentively to Muve’s requirements and incorporated all the necessary features into its system, which meant that Muve could have their historic data correctly displayed in Hoowla from the get-go. The same features we implemented for Muve are now available to all Hoowla users at no additional charge.

One of the most significant advantages of using Hoowla’s system is the integration of client and office accounting on a single screen within their case management system. This feature streamlines financial management by allowing users to monitor transactions, track expenditures, and reconcile accounts with ease. Instead of toggling between multiple screens or systems, users can now access everything they need on one screen.

Hoowla’s user-friendly design ensures that Muve’s accounting team will find the platform intuitive and easy to navigate. Our system is adaptable to Muve’s unique workflows, allowing them to configure it to their specific needs and practices, encouraging cross-departmental collaboration without interruption. For instance, Hoowla can create completion statements in seconds, generate invoices from stored data, and switch invoices to approval mode, facilitating collaboration within larger teams and streamlining the approval process.

The Muve legal accounts team can reconcile and generate custom reports directly within the Hoowla system, further simplifying their financial management processes. For example, Hoowla promptly notifies the fee earner and their team whenever funds are deposited into the client account, streamlining communication and reducing the need for numerous back-and-forth emails between the fee earner and the accounts department.

Hoowla ensures that Muve’s accounting practices stay on the right side of the law. With features designed to meet industry regulations and standards, Muve can rest easy knowing their financial operations are compliant with data security measures and adherence to accounting regulations. With Hoowla, Muve can manage their finances confidently, knowing they’re ticking all the compliance boxes.

Finally, we’ve expanded our account system with additional features tailored to accommodate larger firms like Muve, enabling bulk processing of account actions. Now, users can search, select, and execute cash transfers in bulk. These transfers can be batched into a single payment, facilitating simplified reconciliation between clients and the office.

If you are looking to switch to a new case management system, and are wondering if you can consolidate your accounts into the same system, book a free, no-obligation case management demo with Adam Curtis to discuss your legal account software needs.


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