Moore Legal Technology experiences international growth

Moore Legal TechnologyIt’s been an exciting start to the year for Moore Legal Technology, with new clients from the Cayman Islands and Malta joining our expanding client roster.

As we continue to develop our networks internationally, one thing has become abundantly clear to us – the challenge of growing as a law firm is international.  The unprecedented period in the evolution of the legal profession that we are currently experiencing isn’t confined to these shores and lawyers all over the world are facing challenges that will test the profession in the years ahead. The ability of firms to respond positively and innovatively to these challenges will determine who survives and prospers.

One thing that is certain is that, no matter what or where you practice, how you present online is of crucial importance for engaging with potential new sources of business.

Unless your law firm really is rooted in dark ages, you will have a website in place. However:

  • Does your website offer a certain level of sophistication in design and user experience that is aligned with the online expectations of an increasingly internet savvy population?
  • Does your website accurately portray your firm’s brand and value proposition?
  • Given that your website will often be a potential instructing agents first experience of your firm, are you making a positive first impression?
  • Does your website help you to attract and convert new business opportunities?

If you are shaking your head, don’t worry – it is never too late to start building your online assets. 

An underdeveloped and ineffective online presence is a missed opportunity for lawyers across the globe to steal a march on their competition and dominate the online space relevant to their services and locations. It doesn’t matter if you are practicing law in Manchester or Malta, a robust online presence will help you:

  • Increase your turnover
  • Enhance your brand
  • Improve your efficiency
  • Future proof you firm

This is where we come in. We can help you, no matter where you are based or what the time difference may be.

We are hugely excited about our new international clients (and have already started fighting about who gets to go on the first client relationship junkets, “it’s business development”, “no, it’s operations”, “tough, I’m the boss…”). We have the practices and processes in place that will guarantee delivery of the same high-quality standard of service to our clients overseas that our UK clients have been receiving since 2003. No matter where you are, if your internet presence is limiting your ambition we can help you grow.

Now, where’s the sun cream…


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