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As the number of emails being sent and received continues to surge, expected to reach 375 billion by 2025, cyber criminals are exploiting this trend to conduct attacks that could potentially affect millions of users daily. It’s therefore crucial to be aware of these security risks and take proactive measures to safeguard sensitive data against malicious attacks.

Mimecast’s email security solution is trusted by more than 3,500 legal firms worldwide, as they recognise the significance of safeguarding highly sensitive and confidential information.

However, many firms are unaware of some of the additional cyber security solutions offered by Mimecast which elevate a firm’s security posture by protecting against today’s advanced threats. In this blog, we outline the solutions that law firms must consider to protect their client data and firm reputation from these attacks.

Avoid the dangers of misaddressed emails

As email threats are becoming more sophisticated and personalised, cybercriminals are now utilising advanced tactics like social engineering and malware-less attacks to bypass detection. To combat this, Mimecast offers a cutting-edge solution – CyberGraph – that utilises the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and social graphing to analyse communication patterns, detect anomalies and provide employees with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and prevent security breaches.

So, how does CyberGraph work?

  • Maps communications patterns by learning behaviours and storing information about relationships between senders and recipients
  • It learns what is “normal” and detects anomalous behaviour that could be indicative of a malicious email
  • Applies dynamic, color-coded warning banners only to emails that warrant them, alerting employees at the point of risk
  • Disarms trackers embedded in emails, preventing the disclosure of confidential information
  • Uses AI to detect potentially misaddressed emails and alerts employees with warning banners to help prevent data loss.

Easily and securely email large files and documents

Law firms deal with enormous volumes of data and information such as case files, bundles, and invoices. However, the attachment limit of 20MB on Outlook’s mail server can be a major hindrance for employees who need to send large files. As a result, they may resort to non-IT-sanctioned and potentially harmful file sharing options to simplify the process.

Mimecast Large File Send is a valuable tool that:

  • Protects productivity by enabling employees to send and receive large files directly from Outlook
  • Ensures your IT team retains control over access to shared files and has visibility over file accesses
  • Helps mitigate the security and compliance risks associated with consumer grade alternatives
  • Reduces the strain on email systems and storage by sending large attachments through Mimecast.

Protect data and information sent via email

Many law firms have experienced the consequences of sending sensitive information to third parties via email, resulting in data exposure. However, secure communication with clients and colleagues is crucial to the legal industry.

You need a straightforward and intuitive way for senders and receivers to exchange information via email securely, without adding complexity for IT or relinquishing control over the shared data. That’s where Mimecast’s Secure Messaging solution comes in. What does this solution offer?

  • A secure, cloud-based messaging service that enables the sharing of sensitive information and files initiated directly from within your employee’s email client
  • A fully customisable platform to ensure brand recognition and enhance recipient confidence
  • More complete protection than just using server-to-server encryption, providing security all the way to the receiver
  • Anti-virus, data leak prevention (DLP) and compliance policies to help meet regulations including GDPR
  • Sender or policy-driven options to rapidly revoke message access, require read receipt, enforce message expiration dates, prevent reply, reply all, forwarding and printing.

Secure the web for safe searching

The complexity of web filtering is further exacerbated by the evolving methods of employee interaction with web resources. Nowadays, users frequently access the corporate web from different locations and a variety of devices that lack protection from firewalls and other perimeter defences, including their homes and while on the road.

Mimecast Web Security is a cloud-based security service that offers advanced protection to safeguard web activity. By inspecting content and file downloads using a dynamic proxy, this web filtering service can apply anti-virus, SSL inspection, URL categorization and static file analysis to block web threats and enforce acceptable web use.

With Mimecast Web Security, you can:

  • Deploy pre-emptive measures to prevent web-based threats that distribute malicious software or are involved in phishing scams
  • Secure remote and mobile workers by applying consistent security measures and controls to all devices, whether on or off the network
  • Reduce the use of shadow IT by monitoring and blocking uncontrolled use of cloud applications
  • Enhance the visibility and reporting capabilities by presenting key metrics such as top accessed domains, blocked domains, and site categories in quick and easy-to-understand visualisations.

There are many valuable solutions that Mimecast can offer your firm, including the above and more. If you think that you would benefit from further bolstering your email and communication security, contact CTS today to find out how we can support you with your cyber security strategy.


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