Making better (legal) arguments

Hitch: Law is arguably the last redoubt of formal English

By Jim Hitch, CEO at Legal Futures Associate Casedo

Better legal arguments—better ideas—come to mind when you have the space to think. Here’s how to apply the data, setting the stage for your best legal work.

First, address low-hanging fruit. Studies have shown that “micro” interruptions impact our productivity. These small, immediate distractions—say, the sound or vibration of an incoming text—will derail the deep thinking required to effectively work on cases. So before tapping into your deepest and best ideas, take a few minutes to help you maintain your flow state. Start by using the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone. Rather than block off several hours (which, for most of us, is not professionally or personally feasible), consider the Pomodoro Technique. With this approach to work, you block yourself off in 30-minute segments: 25 minutes for deep thinking and 5 to come up for air.

Next, take a look around you. As Dr. Libby Sander explains: “[O]ur brains like order” and “constant visual reminders of disorganization drain our cognitive resources and reduce our ability to focus.” At Princeton, researchers found that “when participants cleared clutter from their work environment, they were better able to focus and process information, and their productivity increased.” All in all, by limiting physical distractions, you’ll give cases your full attention.

Finally, consider your digital work environment. As you know well, most barristers today are working “in the box,” tasked with organizing, comparing, and analyzing multiple digital documents—often at the same time. Just as you would carefully select a tool for your physical toolkit, take the time to carefully select your software. There’s a reason why the world’s largest corporations are shaking up their software choices. Based on the data, software offering a better user experience leads to “more satisfied employees,” “higher retention rates,” “greater internal collaboration and cohesion,” and even “better performance.”

Casedo has been designed in this way, and offers a fresh way to view your case bundle, so you have the headspace you need to make better legal arguments.


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