LPL, a division of Read Roper and Read Solicitors, have migrated to Hoowla’s legal accounts software

hoowlaBased in central Manchester, LPL is a team of talented people who strive to deliver quality in the conveyancing arena. The company aims to simplify the property transaction process for clients.

In 2017, LPL adopted Hoowla’s case management system to improve its already fantastic services. Like Muve, LPL recently migrated its accounting operations to Hoowla’s platform from Quill Pinpoint, creating a unified system for its operations.

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LPL faced unique challenges during the migration process, particularly in transferring a large volume of historical data accurately. However, Hoowla’s expertise and tailored solutions addressed LPL’s needs, ensuring all necessary features were integrated into the system. The migration involved transferring the entire history of postings, spanning 7 years, to Hoowla without carrying forward any balances. This approach significantly enhanced compliance.

Hoowla’s legal accounting software offers a direct advantage by integrating client and office accounting on a single screen within its case management platform. This integration simplifies financial management, enabling users to monitor transactions and track expenditures effortlessly. Hoowla’s user-friendly design allows LPL’s accounting team to adopt the platform quickly, due to our intuitive and easy to navigate features. Our system’s adaptability allows LPL to configure it to their specific workflows, promoting cross-departmental collaboration.

LPL’s accounts team manager, Jordan Johnson says, “We are thrilled with the outcome of migrating our accounting operations to Hoowla’s platform. Adam and his team delivered our migration on time in accordance with strategic planning, demonstrating excellent competency and skill. Post migration, we have been very well supported by the Hoowla team and are already experiencing many efficiency savings within our accounts function which is naturally pleasing to see”.

LPL’s legal accounts team can reconcile and generate custom reports directly within Hoowla, further streamlining financial management processes. Additionally, Hoowla notifies the fee earner and their team promptly upon funds’ deposit into the client account, reducing the need for extensive email exchanges between the fee earner and the accounts department. Hoowla ensures LPL’s adherence to legal requirements, incorporating features designed to meet industry regulations and standards. With Hoowla, LPL can confidently manage its finances and ensure compliance with data security measures and accounting regulations.

The Hoowla team performed the heavy lifting for LPL to get the case data transferred, matched, and accounted for. We encourage all firms to communicate their migration needs to us before we begin to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience for our clients.

One incredible achievement we would like to highlight is the successful migration of legal accounting software for LPL and Muve, prominent conveyancing companies handling many of the UK’s property transactions through Hoowla. During this period, there was a risk that a considerable number of transactions could have been slowed down or disrupted. However, our team worked tirelessly to ensure that every transaction was completed without interrupting the firms’ clients. Remarkably, neither firm experienced more than half a day without a system to post to, as the data copy started midday on Friday and was completed over the weekend. At Hoowla, we are incredibly proud of our team’s dedication and motivation to complete these migrations with finesse and within their deadlines.

If you’re looking to move your legal accounts and case management into one, easy to use system, book a no-obligation case management system demo with Adam Curtis.


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