LexisNexis releases InterAction Mobility 1.3 for mobile CRM

LexisNexis Legal & Professional, a leading provider of content and technology solutions, announced today the release of LexisNexis InterAction Mobility1.3. Mobility 1.3 is a secure mobile solution for accessing the market leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool for law firms. The new release simplifies the access, creation and editing of contacts and relationships managed from mobile devices and supports most iOS, Blackberry and Android devices and browsers.

“The workplace environment isn’t limited to the confines of an office and today that means customer relationship management often happens while on the go,” said Rutger van der Wall, vice president and managing director, CRM & Analytics for LexisNexis. “To that end, professionals need both secure and mobile accessibility to their firm’s CRM data – no matter where they are or what device they are using.”

ILTA’s 2012 Technology Survey found that mobile technology was the most commonly cited trend and would be a “major factor in the legal technology profession” in the next three to five years. Mobile accessibility benefits law firms by enabling them to include all customer-facing employees, including attorneys, to contribute to CRM data.  This means making it easier for attorneys and law firm business development staff alike to access, create or update contact information while meeting with clients and prospective customers – or during the white space in-between meetings without interrupting billable work.

The Mobility 1.3 feature update also includes views of marketing lists and also working lists, which allows users to review all of the different lists with which an individual contact’s record may be associated.  For example, a user can check to see if a contact has been invited to a given event, if he or she has been marked to receive this year’s holiday card, or if that person is included in a particular working group.  InterAction product managers have seen strong demand from customer surveys and product feedback mechanisms for this particular feature.

Mobility 1.3 also includes several strategic performance initiatives such as standing up a new hosting location in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, which further demonstrates InterAction’s commitment to that market and also to its 4,000+ registered Mobility users world-wide.   Mobility 1.3 marks the fourth product release for mobile CRM since the solution was rolled out in September 2012.

Customers already registered for Mobility will see the new enhancements immediately, and existing InterActionÒ customers that wish to use the mobile service can activate their accounts by contacting their InterAction account manager or by calling InterAction at +44 1132 262 065.


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