LexisNexis reimagines Irish Legal Intelligence with the launch of Lexis+ Ireland


By Legal Futures Associate LexisNexis

Today, LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of legal information and analytics, has announced the official launch of Lexis+ Ireland. This feature-rich tech solution gives legal professionals in Ireland access to advanced research, technology-aided insights and practical guidance, all in one easy-to-use ecosystem.

Lexis+ Ireland brings together the largest collection of Irish practical guidance, current awareness, case law and legislation in one platform. It includes over 500 practice notes, precedents and checklists, up-to-date legislation and more than 20,000 Irish judgments, including the Irish Reports. The simplified layout of Lexis+ cleanly emphasises essential information and tasks, making it faster and simpler for lawyers, knowledge professionals and students to get to the answers they need.

For the first time, a truly integrated collection of legal intelligence can be effortlessly accessed through one powerful search. Lexis+ offers a range of innovative tools and features that make accessing legal content faster and easier. Search Term Maps let users visually pinpoint key sections of content, cases and documents, jumping straight to the most relevant parts, while Search Trees graphically illustrate how search terms are applied, making it simple to find what users need. Pinned Sources give one-click access to regularly consulted publications, taking users straight to the research source they need.

Lexis+ has been built with collaboration in mind, Work Folders provide dynamic workspaces that can be shared with colleagues, holding user-generated document annotations and information. Legal News Hub provides an integrated presentation of news from the industry leading and authoritative MLex and Law360 brands, which are uniquely available from LexisNexis.

“We are delighted to launch Lexis+ in Ireland,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO, LexisNexis UK, Ireland and North America. “It’s intuitive and powerful user experience has already proven invaluable in other markets around the world. We have taken the time to build a solution that specifically meets the needs of the Irish market.”

“In today’s climate,” Fitzpatrick continued, “Lawyers are turning to technology to give them a competitive edge. By embracing Lexis+, lawyers will have easy access to comprehensive legal intelligence that will improve their productivity and their ability to deliver timely and strategic counsel.”

Over the months ahead, LexisNexis will continue to add new features, content and product integrations to Lexis+ to ensure an optimal experience is provided to all users and all customer segments. This will include an Irish Case Citator to provide a record of the history, subsequent treatment and current status of case law. Legislative Timeline graphically presents amendments to a legislative Act so lawyers can see at a glance what has changed and when.

Richard Crouch, Director of Research Solutions, LexisNexis UK & Ireland, “Lexis+ Ireland has been designed for the ways that lawyers work. Deeply integrated product components, cutting-edge technologies and modern design elements put LexisNexis applications, content and data that lawyers need right at their fingertips.”

Crouch continued, “Regardless of where or how a user starts a legal task, they will be guided to the information that best addresses their legal question. By taking a customer-centric approach to product development, Lexis+ Ireland delivers a premium legal research experience that is powerful, intuitive and easy to use.”


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