LexisNexis launches Lexis Create to take the pain out of legal drafting

LexisNexisLexisNexis, a leading global provider of legal intelligence and analytics, has today launched Lexis Create, a powerful new platform that makes legal drafting easier.  Lexis Create puts the muscle of LexisNexis at lawyers’ fingertips within Microsoft Office products.  With legal tools, legal calculators and legal content instantly accessible, Lexis Create lets lawyers draft, check, redact and complete documents without ever leaving the Microsoft environment.

Lexis Create was born out of the understanding that legal professionals get frustrated spending time switching between windows, applications and add-ins when drafting legal documents, constantly having to refocus on the task in hand.  From checking sources, finding clauses, or working out calculations – every context switch is distracting and inefficient.  Lexis Create helps lawyers to work smarter by putting everything they need to write effective legal documents all in one place.

Using previously crafted work or clauses can make legal drafting faster and easier; but finding the right part of the right document takes time.  Lexis Create helps lawyers create, save, find and insert their own ‘snippet’ clauses without leaving the page.  Effortless sharing of prior work across a firm, coupled with the optional screening and maintenance of this work by Knowledge Managers, can help legal teams work together and share best practice more effectively.

When alternative wording is required, the LexisNexis database of precedents and clauses is always on hand – delivered directly into the Microsoft environment.

Small errors in documents can have massive ramifications. Lexis Create’s powerful proofreading function utilises the UK’s largest legal intelligence database to spot potential legal or formatting inconsistencies.  It automatically validates the legal status of citations and recommends alternatives if needed.  It will pick up missed definitions, recognised terms, skipped numbering or inconsistent identifiable information.  With inbuilt legal calculators, there is no risk in getting computations such as Gross to Net, VAT or Clear Days wrong.

Documents are quickly client-ready with Lexis Create.  The clever redact function allows documents to be disclosed risk-free, safe in the knowledge that confidential information is permanently irretrievable.  With access to DocuSign built in, documents can be in clients’ hands faster than ever before.

LexisNexis Director of Solutions, Danielle McCormick, explained, “Everything we do at LexisNexis is about helping lawyers to work smarter and more effectively.  Lexis Create ensures that lawyers get the maximum return from the time and energy they put into document creation.”

“We have deliberately designed Lexis Create to be unobtrusive yet ever-present in a lawyer’s workspace”, McCormick continued. “It is always there to help build, check and complete legal documents.  Our early-adopting customers love how easy it is to use and how it has super-charged their ability to draft and check their legal work”.

Lexis Create is available for legal firms and in-house teams of all sizes.  It has been built as a native app for Microsoft Office.  For more information, visit www.lexisnexis.co.uk/Lexis-Create.


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