LexisNexis InterAction’s hybrid cloud CRM platform celebrates a 150% increase in customer adoption globally

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LexisNexis InterAction, the leading client relationship management (CRM) solution specifically designed for legal and professional services, has demonstrated that adoption of its hybrid cloud platform is gaining significant momentum globally since the pandemic. Firms of all sizes, most notably across countries in Northern Europe, the United States, Chile, South Africa, Australia and India, are investing in the InterAction hybrid cloud solution, driven by the imperative to empower both lawyers and business development strategists to leverage firm-wide relationship intelligence with this business-critical CRM tool in remote and hybrid working environments, triggered by the pandemic. Since January 2021, the solution has seen a 150 percent increase in the number of firms deploying the solution, with individual user numbers growing by 94 percent.

The most common reasons cited by firms for adopting LexisNexis InterAction’s hybrid cloud platform include trust in the reputation of LexisNexis as the gold standard in legal data management, a proven CRM solution for professional services firms, advanced relationship intelligence capability, sophisticated business development-related functionality, and workflow-driven integration with Microsoft Office. The hybrid cloud platform is being adopted, both by current clients and net new customers. Over the last 15 months, 15 new firms with over 3,268 combined users, have chosen InterAction for their relationship intelligence needs.

Magdalena Engel, Communications Manager at Carey, Chile’s largest law firm, explains, “We made the decision to move to the InterAction hybrid cloud application so that the lawyers can easily access InterAction, as they work remotely due to COVID; and for the IT department, to lessen their burden of keeping up with updates and patches. We have relied heavily on the InterAction Professional Services team to lead us on this journey. We have complete trust in the advice they offer, which is always with our best interests in mind.”

Despite the unforeseen disruption caused by the pandemic, InterAction customers have been able to successfully stay connected and collaborative with clients and maintain their focus on meeting expected service levels. This is evidence that InterAction remains the best CRM and business development tool for law firms – regardless of dispersed teams, firm sizes, jurisdictions and regional locations.

The number of users seeing the value and results of the InterAction hybrid cloud solution continues to increase. Many of the larger, multi-regional law firms are incrementally rolling out the hybrid cloud solution, positioning themselves ahead of their competition by harnessing the power of the Strategic Data capability offered by LexisNexis InterAction. This functionality is enabling firms to align their business development strategies and overall objectives, taking a data-driven approach to decision-making in today’s uncertain and still evolving post pandemic environment. With a dispersed workforce, this kind of cloud-based capability is viewed as business critical for commercial insight, business development, pipeline management and ultimately, client satisfaction.

Similarly, many small to mid-sized law firms who have ambitious plans to grow, are attracted to LexisNexis InterAction as they too can take full control over where data is stored, leveraging patented technology to securely access data where and when it is needed.

George Tsivin, General Manager, LexisNexis Legal Business Solutions, says, “Firms of all sizes and across all jurisdictions are buying into our modern, data-driven approach to CRM and business development, alongside our cloud vision for the InterAction platform. Our hybrid cloud InterAction solution has been designed to allow firms to adopt cloud capability, based on their business requirements and individual appetite for the technology. We don’t believe in an ‘all or nothing’ approach to the cloud. Rather than expecting customers to adapt their way of working to fit the application, our solution flexibly accommodates clients’ priorities. Clearly, our approach to cloud is resonating with the market.”

LexisNexis InterAction Hybrid Cloud combines the benefits of SaaS whilst offering customers full control over where their data is stored. Firms can select to store data on-premises behind a firewall, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud environment. LexisNexis’ patented methodology means that data is never stored at rest in the LexisNexis InterAction cloud. Powerful client relationship data is delivered when and where it is needed most, so firms can offer improved client service and a strong pipeline for new business opportunities. Designed with the way firms work in mind, the solution embeds vital client data into existing workflows, streamlining processes and improving user adoption and data quality across the entire firm. Private and secure mobile access to data and insights allows seamless access to the existing InterAction ecosystem on users’ chosen device, from anywhere.

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