LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions Announces Lexis® Omni, a Powerful Process and Automation Tool to Improve Profit and Client Experience for Any Legal Services Provider

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LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions today unveiled Lexis® Omni, a flexible technology platform that will power optimised legal service delivery for any legal services organisation needing to do more with less. Organisations adopting Lexis® Omni will have access to new tools that will allow them to deploy tailored solutions in familiar Microsoft environments to match their business needs and so benefit from increased business efficiency, productivity gains, customer service excellence and ultimately, enhanced profitability.

Lexis® Omni exploits the proven Lexis® Core automation engine that also powers LexisNexis’ market leading Lexis® Visualfiles™ solution. Lexis® Omni uses modern Microsoft technology to deliver complex process efficiency and collaboration tools embedded in Microsoft 365 and enables access from the cloud through Microsoft Azure.

Against the backdrop of changing market pressures, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions’ General Manager, Andrew Lindsay, explains the rationale for the development of Lexis® Omni and its value to legal services providers:

“Increasing client demands for cost reduction, transparency and real time access to case status, when coupled with firms’ need for management information, is changing the way all lawyers need to operate.  This change is perhaps most notable in less digitised areas such as corporate and commercial law. COVID-19 challenges have further intensified the need for firms to demonstrate value and best practice, with price sensitivity and transparent service levels that have dominated the ultra-competitive transactional market space for the last 20 years, now being felt everywhere. LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions are the experts at providing solutions that deliver proven ROI quickly and Lexis® Omni strengthens our ability to help all firms, no matter what services they offer, providing more options to introduce automation efficiencies and service improvements, whilst also minimising people costs.

“We have seen how leading law firms have been able to increase case load and quality significantly through the use of our technology. In many cases lawyers’ capacity has doubled, and the need for secretarial and support staff has dramatically reduced, all whilst improving client service levels and ultimately, increasing profits.  Lexis® Omni is designed to help facilitate these goals at all firms, quickly and easily, without the need for extensive IT projects.

“Investment in technology must demonstrate a tangible return for the partners, so business leaders should be asking “how does this solution solve my business problems?” and “how does it help meet the demands of my ‘more for less’ clients?”.  These questions inevitably lead to the challenge of how to reduce costs whilst increasing output and quality. The transactional market’s secret in solving this has been to embrace automation; removing mundane tasks from lawyers to make them more productive. This has had a significant and direct effect on their performance, profitability and the competitive agility of their businesses. Complex corporate and commercial legal transactions do not follow set routes, so to create real, cost-saving competitive advantage, solutions are required that can accommodate automation of these complex requirements and not just the simple steps”.

Lexis® Omni brings the power of automation, integration, collaboration, and business process optimisation to a wider audience through Microsoft and cloud channels  

Lexis® Omni offers choice, providing tools to match the business, user, and client needs. The platform enables flexible and easy consumption of capabilities that are proven to drive increased efficiencies and higher profits in the legal market.  For instance, Lexis® Omni provides access to agile process automation, document production, records management and reporting capabilities. The solution also provides collaboration tools and integration capabilities, alongside out-of-the-box legal process functionality. There are multiple options for deployment, consumption and operation with familiar Microsoft 365 interfaces and accessibility via Microsoft Azure.

LexisNexis continues to invest in Lexis® Visualfiles

The market leading case and matter management application, Visualfiles from LexisNexis, has seen two years of impressive growth, particularly in the property, insurance, and regulatory markets.   Andrew Lindsay concludes, “The investment in Lexis® Omni complements the evolution of the Visualfiles solution and many of the tools will be made available to existing clients that have a need to use them.  Visualfiles, will work seamlessly with the platform, and will continue to be a key application in our mission to make all firms more efficient and profitable. With Lexis® Omni, we are providing greater options to our markets, including cloud-enabled Microsoft solutions to meet the needs of global businesses.”


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