LEAP outlines 4 steps to paperless law firm utopia

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By Legal Futures’ Associate LEAP Legal Software

Step 1: Getting into the cloud

Getting into the cloud is only the beginning of the paperless journey but an essential step. After successfully migrating your data from clunky old vulnerable servers to the shiny new cloud, the benefits and possibilities are quite simply endless. Not only is your law firm’s data security enhanced – take Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) military-grade servers as one example of a robust off-site solution – but it also means that you have entered into a world of online solutions where opportunities are opened up through a range of powerful tools and innovative new software, that can enhance your law firm and propel it ahead of the competition and towards continued success through greater efficiency and productivity.

Step 2: Choosing the right practice management software

Once you’re safely aboard the cloud and benefitting from an upscalable virtual infrastructure, you will need an engine room to drive your paperless dream. This is where cloud-based practice management software comes in. By implementing a robust and reliable legal software solution such as LEAP, you can drive your law firm to achieve better efficiencies and integrate seamlessly with the cloud. Of course, it will probably be the case that your practice management software is already coupled with a cloud-based solution which means that you can actually combine both of the first steps to a paperless law firm into one simple step.

Step 3: Implement innovative document management and sharing solutions

In addition to a good practice management solution, your law firm will benefit from software integrations that work with your legal software to achieve better results and make your law firm streamlined and more efficient. There are some excellent options available that allow you to upload documents, share them with your clients and even sync them back to the matters that you may be working on within your practice management system. LawConnect is an excellent example of this. Clients can also upload documents directly through the software which then syncs to the matter that resides within the practice management software. You are able to see if a client has viewed the document and revoke access at any time with certainty, eliminating any security concerns that you may have. All documents are conveniently filed within the corresponding matter. Forms and precedents can also be automated directly from the matter on any connected device.

Step 4: Adopt powerful digital signature technology

Implementing eSignature technology within your law firm from a provider such as DocuSign is another key way to help make your law firm paperless. By taking advantage of this digital signature technology, means that you can obtain client signatures anywhere at anytime. This powerful solution to your legal needs means that your legal transaction need not be interrupted by travel, for example, if you are commuting or visiting clients off site or maybe because you or your clients are taking holidays. Business transactions remain uninterrupted by your geographical positioning and you are able to achieve ultimate efficiency and push your law firm further than ever before. Also, like the other steps before it, eSignature technology ensures that your law firm saves on costs and adds the highest levels of security to your legal processes.

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