LEAP launches Litigation Centre of Excellence

LEAP Legal SoftwareSupporting LEAP clients on their journey to digital litigation, giving competitive advantage.

Recognising the long-term gains of becoming digital, LEAP announces the launch of its Litigation Centre of Excellence. Dedicated to helping litigators work smarter, the Litigation Centre of Excellence tracks current and future needs of litigators using LEAP software to provide them add-ins to achieve the best outcome for their clients efficiently and cost effectively.

The Centre has produced several exceptional add-ins to LEAP, including those that simplify the production of Precedent H budgets and Precedent S electronic bills of costs. It has recently released the highly sophisticated Advocate, a complete digital system for working with and collaborating on evidence, research and presentation of all types of litigation cases, from criminal shoplifting to complex commercial and contract cases. Only available to LEAP users, the case preparation system includes automated timelines, chronologies and the Criminal Offences and Sentencing Plea engine. It has been created by the Centre of Excellence in conjunction with practicing solicitors and barristers with a view to solving the real issues that confront legal teams transitioning into the realm of digital civil and criminal law.

Christina Grzasko, Director, LEAP Litigation Centre of Excellence, comments “LEAP’s mission is to provide the very best software for litigators, enabling them to punch above their weight over large litigation firms and increase their success rate as they do. This in turn helps firms make more money and build a reputation that is now enhanced by a proven ability to work digitally.”

Coupled with LEAP’s innovative cloud-based case management software, litigators can now manage their matters end to end, through all the business and financial aspects and all procedural and documentary matters, thanks to LEAP’s comprehensive content, and into the evidential and legal aspects of their case to the doors of trial.

With the Litigation Centre of Excellence LEAP offers a unique and powerful solution, significantly reducing the time and resources required by fee-earners to manage the litigation process and present and deliver a first-rate service  to the client, benefitting from intuitive design that aids collaboration with clients and peers alike, access to a library of highly-automated forms and precedents specific to litigation and continued productivity when out at court, managing matters via the LEAP App.

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