LEAP celebrate further technology innovation

LEAP Legal SoftwareThis month LEAP celebrated over 800 law firms accessing the InfoTrack integration from within the legal practice productivity solution. That is nearly a third of the law firms that use LEAP software.

Traditionally it’s been conveyancing firms that have benefited from the two-way integration between systems. However, thanks to the ongoing development and progressive innovation of the InfoTrack team, law firms across all areas of law are now generating efficiencies due to this partnership and therefore becoming more adaptive, agile, and streamlined. John Espley, CEO of LEAP UK outlines the benefits of this new integration.

InfoTrack integration features and benefits now available in LEAP include:

The power of eSignatures

For busy legal practices, significant time is lost waiting for the approval and agreement of legal documents. By utilising eSignature technology across your practice client signatures can be easily obtained in minutes not days.

The use of electronic signatures grew five-fold in 2020 and via a simple, smart application available to LEAP users, law firms can easily obtain electronic signatures from clients on any legal document they wish. Using drag and drop functionality firms can select where initials, dates or signatures are required on a specific document and send to the client for completion from directly within the electronic matter via secure email link, this enables the recipient to review and sign the documents with ease, significantly speeding up transaction times. In fact, 67% of documents that are signed via InfoTrack’s eSignature technology available in LEAP are returned within 12 hours.

Streamlined client onboarding

With client expectations more demanding than ever law firms are considering alternatives to traditional client onboarding methods. However, there is a fine balance between providing a good client experience whilst implementing processes that drive efficiency and meeting compliance requirements.

Onboarding new clients can be a fragmented practise for law firms, sourcing and collating information and taking payments across multiple systems can take up considerable administrative time and effort and increase the length of time of a transaction.

Firms using LEAP and the InfoTrack integration are being provided a digital solution for tackling the key onboarding processes within a single, unified platform.

Remote client identity and source of funds verification

Client verification is a crucial piece of the due diligence process for law firms with the need to validate ID, documents and funds electronically becoming essential. Typically, solicitors relied on physical documents and in-person meetings that delayed the client onboarding process and transaction times, but this is no longer the case.

Now your clients can verify their identity from anywhere in the world! And with a digital tool that captures real-time data from clients’ bank accounts law firms can verify the source of funds and mitigate the risks associated with fraud, protecting all parties.

Through the ongoing development that is being done between LEAP and InfoTrack law firms can now access a suite of technology that delivers bank-grade, electronic client verification directly from their case management software with all results and documentation collated and returned.


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