Land Data agrees extension to NLIS Hub contract

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4 October 2017

Land DataLand Data has confirmed an extension to the NLIS Hub contract has been agreed with the existing provider Decision Insight Information Group (DIIG).

The contract provides for facilitating an electronic conveyancing search delivery service through the National Land Information Service (NLIS) Hub.

The National Land Information Service (NLIS) is the electronic market leader in the conveyancing searches market. Since 2001 it has been providing solicitors with a secure gateway to authoritative data providers in England and Wales including all 375 Local Authorities (LAs), HMLR, the Coal Authority and water companies.

Licence period and terms

The extension is for 3 years which covers the period from expiration of the current contract (2019) until 2022.

A technology upgrade and a range of service improvements for the NLIS Hub are included as part of the extension terms.

Land Data issued the offer to extend in order to ensure continuity of service in the market at a turbulent time.   Jan Boothroyd, Land Data Chief Executive commented: “We wanted to future proof the NLIS environment for the NLIS channels and their conveyancing clients during what is likely to be a challenging period as we move through Brexit and into the HMLR LLC delivery phase.  We believe that by retaining the knowledge and experience within the DIIG team we will have the consistency and continuity of service that the conveyancing market requires.”

Nick Dyoss the NLIS Hub Director said: “It is great news that we have renewed our NLIS Hub contract out to 2022. This gives everyone who already uses NLIS and those who will use us in the future, huge confidence in our stability over the long term. We are most certainly open for more new business so come and talk to us.”

Companies interested in acquiring an NLIS Channel licence can register their interest at

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