Introducing ‘On Heir’ Podcast: Unveiling the secrets of probate professionals

Finders InternationalJoin the podcast revolution with Finders International, a leading probate genealogy firm and stars of BBC One’s Heir Hunters, as they bring you the captivating “On Heir” Podcast. This podcast marks the first venture of its kind within the Probate Genealogy industry.

Hosted by David Lockwood, Finders International’s Senior Business Development Manager, the “On Heir” Podcast takes you behind the scenes (BTS) with influential figures in the legal industry. In each 30-minute episode (split into two bite-sized 15-minute segments), David engages in thought-provoking discussions, extracting valuable insights from those immersed in the probate and private client sectors. By delving into the individuals behind the subject matter, the podcast offers a fresh perspective on this fascinating field.

From Publisher to Probate: A Personal Journey

Finders International’s Louise Levene has been a previous guest on the show and shared how she landed her role as a research specialist in International Assets. “It was a bit of an accident; I was thinking more generally, why work in the legal sector?”

Louise first worked in Publishing before moving to Private Genealogy work, which led her into the role she is in today. “It’s a logical move for me because the work I now do in terms of repatriating assets and dealing with things like foreign probates and foreign banking institutions and transfer agents and share registrars, there is a little bit more scope perhaps to say, right, what do we need to do? Let’s just do it rather than necessarily working to specific processes.”

Louise also touches on fraud and how she comes across those affected by inheritance scams. “I’ve had numerous calls from people, and they have either been scammed or they’re in the grip of a scam, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. These scammers are criminals, and they know exactly what they’re doing – they appeal to your need.”

What Lies Ahead?

‘On Heir’ Podcast has an array of exciting guests lined up for the remainder of the year. Some notable figures include Paige Gouldthorpe, Court of Protection Specialist & Deputy Head of Wills, Trusts, and Probate at Fosters Solicitors, Amy Lay, President at American Global Heir Search, Maeve Mullin, Director of Finders International Ireland, and Alexandra Gordon, Partner at Tassells Solicitors.

You can listen to ‘On Heir’ on all major streaming services. For more information and details, visit our website at If you wish to be featured on our podcast, feel free to contact us at

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