iManage announces Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager

iManageNew products within iManage Govern product line for securing and protecting high-value information enhance the industry’s leading platform for work product management.

iManage today announced iManage Security Policy Manager and iManage Threat Manager, two new products that deliver powerful security enhancements to iManage’s industry-leading Work Product Management platform — giving professionals complete confidence and peace of mind that their critical work product is protected by solutions designed for today’s security threats.

iManage Security Policy Manager

Security Policy Manager enables professional services firms to easily manage their global security policies including need-to-know access to sensitive content, ethical walls and internal segregation of other material to minimize the impact of a security breach.  In addition to securing iManage content, Security Policy Manager is able to secure content across a wide range of non-iManage repositories, including network file shares, time and billing systems, and more.

Tight integration between iManage Security Policy Manager and iManage Work means that security changes can be applied automatically without the system stress and performance lag that many third party ethical wall products cause on creation of a new policy, as no re-filing or re-indexing of content is necessary. iManage is the only company that can offer this single vendor approach and associated performance benefits.

“Professional organizations today are facing increasing pressure from clients to implement ‘need to know’ policies, which lock down critical work product to specific work teams. The additional burden of calculating and managing this many policies can be overwhelming, both to security administrators and the systems themselves, as recalculation becomes an almost constant process with many of today’s approaches,” said Ian Raine, senior director of product management at iManage.  “At iManage, we took a fundamentally different approach to how we evaluate and calculate these walls which enables organizations to apply security policies without the limitations and additional overhead of traditional approaches.  In many respects Security Policy Manager will make the management of complicated client-driven ‘need to know’ and ethical walls-based security much less of a burden to both the people and systems inside professional service firms.”

iManage Threat Manager

iManage Threat Manager gives you the confidence that your sensitive data is protected by identifying malicious attacks, or internal threats with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. It has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of CIOs, CISOs and compliance officers looking for advanced solutions to protect sensitive data. Threat Manager is tightly integrated with iManage Work and addresses the challenge posed by modern day attacks, including those that start with phishing, where the attacker has already compromised the network perimeter.

iManage Threat Manager leverages historical and contextual information in iManage Work to provide a new level of sophisticated protection and threat detection, not available with standard SIEM, threshold or behavioral analysis tools. iManage Threat Manager results in more accurate and faster identification of both external and internal threats, and will dramatically reduce the number of “false positives” that plague many other approaches by applying adaptive behavioral modeling and machine learning. Moreover, iManage Threat Manager easily integrates with the broader information security stack including SIEM tools. And it can easily push alerts and supporting information into a SIEM solution to create an integrated attack timeline.

“iManage Threat Manager can be the key component of a firm’s information security program,” said Aaron Rangel, director of product management at iManage. “During client audits, firms can now demonstrate that they have proper controls to protect sensitive information. iManage Threat Manager delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities including threat detection, monitoring, forensic investigation, alerts and reporting to protect sensitive information in iManage Work, 24/7 across any device, anywhere.”

Both Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager will become generally available in the first half of 2017 for on premises deployment or on the iManage Cloud. For more details, including pre-release information, click here .

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