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iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today announced a broad set of enhancements and new functionality for iManage Work and iManage Share, the company’s productivity and collaboration products. These enhancements augment professionals’ ability to work from anywhere and maintain productivity without sacrificing security, a key concern for businesses globally during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the resulting increase in remote work.

New product announcements include:

  • Cloud updates for iManage Work and iManage Share
  • General Availability of iManage Drive
  • New iManage Work Integrations with Microsoft Teams
  • New product introduction of iManage Tracker for task and checklist management (press release here)

 Cloud updates for secure, remote working

New iManage Cloud Service Updates for iManage Work and iManage Share are focused on helping ensure greater security and governance while collaborating with clients, partners, and third parties, addressing ever-increasing requirements for secure remote working capabilities.

“Since ‘Day One’ with iManage Cloud, we’ve been set up to work from anywhere. The pandemic-related lockdown has been nothing more than a change in location from office to home. Our operations have continued seamlessly with no interruption, said Danilo Pagani,” CEO, Integral Asset Management (Pty) Ltd.

Specifics include enhancements to the iManage Control Center to streamline administration, as well as security enhancements within iManage Security Policy Manager (SPM) to support customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) for an added layer of security and confidence for customers. Cloud updates for Share include enhanced document tracking and Document Share Link Expiration to ensure that content is not shared indefinitely.

iManage Drive: Removing Silos and Enabling More Productive, Secure Work from Anywhere
After a successful First-Adopter program with more than 130 customers, iManage Drive is now available for all organizations.

iManage Drive enables broad iManage adoption, eliminating data silos, and improving security and governance. Drive looks and functions like a shared network drive. With wizard-based installation completed in less than two minutes, users can quickly tap into Drive to easily access, edit and save documents to iManage Work via a familiar Windows Explorer or Mac Finder interface. The simplicity of this file system eliminates data silos and allows organizations to capture and secure 100 percent of work product in the document management system., It is searchable, secure, shareable and governed through a single comprehensive audit trail, while respecting need-to-know and ethical walls policies. The importance of this central, secure resource for sharing documents has been underscored by the pandemic, as knowledge workers without shared access to key documents may not be able to effectively do their jobs.

iManage Drive enables users to take documents, folders, or entire workspaces offline, complete their work, then sync automatically once they reconnect. Users can access documents and work productively on long flights, in courtrooms, or other situations where they may not be on-line.   iManage Drive ensures that work completed while offline is captured and secure. Drive also facilitates working with large files over low bandwidth connections, an issue that is affecting more and more home workers as neighborhood networks are overloaded.

Five New Ways to Integrate with Microsoft Teams

With the adoption of real-time messaging applications like Teams, organizations gain the benefits of collaboration, but these tools can create challenges around managing and governing documents shared among users

iManage Work now offers five ways to integrate with Microsoft Teams and directly embed iManage content into Teams to relieve channel chaos. Based on client focus groups, additional integrations are being planned for governance and security enhancements like capturing Teams conversations in iManage workspaces and governing Teams security based on SPM policy.

iManage Tracker: Purpose Built for Knowledge Workers

Today, iManage is also announcing the industry’s first matter-centric task and checklist management product, iManage Tracker. Tracker is an organized way for knowledge workers to manage and track the status of complex legal matters and projects so that, at a glance, each collaborator or party enabled to view the task list knows where things stand, reducing email and messaging traffic and replacing it with a simple dashboard that keeps everybody on the same page. Given that many face-to-face conversations and quick updates that previously occurred in the workplace are no longer happening due to COVID-19 at-home work, Tracker’s ability to keep all constituents apprised of project status and deliverables is even more important.

“iManage has always been driven to improve knowledge worker productivity and, in tandem, ensure that these advances are properly secured and governed,” said Dan Carmel, CMO, iManage. “Our recent enhancements to iManage Share and iManage Work reinforce iManage’s core position as the safest place for knowledge workers to work. New capabilities like iManage Drive extend governance and bring powerful search to knowledge workers who want an improved search and file management experience without necessarily having the full functionality of a document management system. And iManage Tracker brings powerful project management and visibility to knowledge work. Together, these advancements emphasize iManage’s continued commitment to make knowledge work more productive, collaborative and safer.”


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