Ignite expands into scheme litigation insurance with three key hires

Ignite, a leading litigation insurance specialist based in London, has launched a scheme litigation department for law firms and litigants operating in the volume claims arena.

Ignite’s scheme product offerings will extend to various developing and existing claim types, including professional negligence, financial services, property disputes, privacy litigation, and injury claims. Ignite’s cornerstone capacity partner, Accelerant, is A- Rated and covered by the FSCS compensation scheme (where each policyholder qualifies for the same).

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest offering, which represents a pivotal moment for Ignite,” said CEO, Byron Sumner, “Ignite recognises the paramount importance of remaining ahead of the curve, and the formation of this department was fuelled by a relentless drive to proactively anticipate and address the evolving needs of law firms and litigants operating in the fast-paced volume claims area. This launch marks a significant enhancement to Ignite’s suite of services and a reaffirmation of our unwavering commitment to empowering our clients with the tools they need to navigate the intricate complexities of high-volume litigation.

Ignite’s commercial arm continues to go from strength to strength. Having been asked to insure over £1.5 billion of risk in its first year, Ignite now has the ability to write up to £10 million of cover per case across a varied product line available to litigants, law firms, funders and insolvency practitioners.

Ignite recently assisted leading regional law firm Weightman’s launch  of their innovative product ‘Enable’, brokered by Howdens and in partnership with the litigation funder Sparkle Capital Ltd, which provides for funding and ATE insurance arrangements to be executed within 21 days.

As part of its commitment to continued expansion and delivering exceptional value to clients, Ignite welcomes three new talented professionals to its growing team. These new hires bring diverse expertise and fresh perspectives that will further bolster its capabilities and strengthen our position in the market.

  • Kyle Stubbs joins as Heads of Strategic Partnerships from a leading digital marketing agency Blume, having spent the past 20 years working in business development and law firm partnerships roles for legal expenses Insurers.
  • Mike Timmons joins as Head of Scheme Operations, having spent the past 22 years working in the Legal Expenses Sector, a decade of which was spent as managing director of a specialist UK-based insurer Financial & Legal.
  • Duval Marshall, a paralegal previously with specialist defendant law firm Plexus Law, joins as Underwriting Assistant supporting Ignite’s commercial and consumer operations.

Ignite remains committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement. With the addition of these talented individuals, we are confident that we are well-equipped to drive positive outcomes, leverage emerging opportunities and exceed customer expectations.


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