How to Prepare Precedent H budgets or send files ‘contactless’ to a Costs Draftsman

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If COVID 19 has taught us anything at all then it’s the paper light is a necessity not a nicety. You simply cannot work on a file together if you rely on paper. That’s it plain and simple.

Working from home probably means you don’t have access to a paper file, if you do then are you obeying all the security and GDPR around that?

DPS has a full precedent H/S time recording system that allows you to choose activities and work types along with the attendance notes as standard.

The users are then warned as they are approaching budgeted costs. The precedent H spreadsheet can then be produced with a single click. It really is that simple.

However, with more complex cases it can be an advantage to get a cost draftsman to do the billing and that’s when you’ll need to share the whole case file with them. How exactly can you do that, send a whole file for costing?

DPS offers two solutions for this. One, bundle it all up into a hyper linked PDF document and share it using the DPS SafeBox that is secure and guaranteed.

The other is where you can transfer your whole file to another DPS user (another firm using DPS) and if that firm happens to be costs draftsmen as Elite Law are then they have the same file as you including a billing guide and ledger card.

This is all at one click and the overwhelming benefit is you can do it from anywhere, well anywhere you have internet access

James Scozzi of Elite Law Cost Draftsmen said, “this function from DPS means we can accept files from DPS users and unpack them into our DPS system at a single click, it’s fantastic and streamlines the drafting process for us and means clients get a faster turnaround”

We held a webinar showing all of the above and you can watch the webinar here.

Finally, we’re carrying out a survey to see how COVID-19 and the lockdown has affected the legal profession. Results in so far have shown that around half of firms have made use of the furlough scheme, while 92% of firms have staff working from home. The survey is still open until 18th May, so feel free to take part and you could win a £50 Amazon voucher.


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