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How to become an interim lawyer

Flex LegalBy Legal Futures Associate Flex Legal [1]

In the wake of Covid, the working world has unquestionably changed. The legal working world is no exception to this rule, and many lawyers have started to think about whether there’s a different or better way to work in law. We believe that there is, and that working as a flexible interim lawyer is the clear answer to making smarter life/work choices. This blog post aims to cover this in more detail by breaking down a few key definitions, laying out the big pros to the interim lawyer lifestyle, as well as some crucial things you might want to consider before jumping into interim lawyer work. Let’s get started!

What is an interim lawyer?

In short, and interim lawyer is a lawyer who works through an agency, in fixed-term roles, to cover gaps in legal teams or provide support during peaks of work.

Interim lawyer: the big pros

Enough definitions – let’s get into it. Here are the benefits of becoming an interim lawyer:

Things to consider before going interim

It should go without saying by now, but the interim lawyer model is a little different  from the conventional world of lawyer work. Whilst we are obviously heavily biased in favour of more lawyers jumping to an interim side of life, there’s a few things worth considering before making the switch:

Why you should go interim through Flex Legal

We certainly like to think we’ve got the interim lawyer deal pretty ironed out by this point. Our platform is home to hundreds of lawyers who have embraced the benefits of the interim lifestyle, and are happier than ever working through Flex Legal. Here’s some of the reasons joining an agency like Flex Legal is the right move: