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How I manage my practice

Casedo 200

By Legal Futures Associate Casedo [1]

I was almost exclusively paper-based before I started using Casedo [2]. Papers would usually come in to chambers electronically, but they were routinely printed by our junior clerks, and put in lever-arched files for my use. I spent hours dragging these files after me, in wheely suitcases, on and off trains and in and out of court buildings.

I had started to look around for an alternative – something that would be easier and more ergonomic to use, and that would also save my back – in late 2019, which was when I discovered Casedo.

I’d say that Casedo is the single app I have open, and in front of me, the most in my working life. I have a relatively high and varied workload, with lots of ongoing cases, which might “pop up” again after a few weeks or months for a new instruction (say, to advise on an offer that’s been made, or attend the latest hearing). At last count I had nearly 160 individual Casedo .case files.

I find that Casedo allows me to organise documents around my cases and the instructions I receive within those cases, rather than having to organise my life around the documents I’m sent however they come in. My “Casedo process” – of organising a folder structure, and then splitting, merging and labelling documents – is the way that I engage with the material I’m sent, so that I remember my way around a set of papers straight away.

The ease with which documents can be moved around and re-organised: that’s what makes Casedo a document and bundle management system, rather than a mere PDF reader.

I’m a relatively junior personal injury and employment barrister. It’s not uncommon to have to work on and refer to 20 or more individual cases in a week, so the mental switching from case A to case B needs to be fast, and seamless. I find that, with Casedo, I can have my entire history with a particular case visualised in the bundle sidebar, so as soon as I open a case, I can recall it instantly.

I would, without hesitation, recommend using Casedo. It is how I manage my practice – I’d be lost without it.

David Green ‌is a barrister at 12 King’s Bench Walk, specialising in employment and personal injury claims.

You can try Casedo for 30 days free of charge by clicking HERE [3].