How can you retain and attract top tech talent?

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One of the greatest workplace shifts, catapulted by the COVID-19 pandemic, is what we know as ‘The Great Resignation’. This phenomenon has seen record numbers of people resigning from their jobs – for better positions, pay, work/life balance, or experiences – leaving companies in all sectors to re-evaluate how they can retain, and attract, talent.

Research by Harvard Business Review identified the most at-risk sectors, with the tech industry coming out on top. Undoubtedly, the past two years have taken their toll on IT teams who have been stretched thin in order to facilitate the move to remote working.

Being more dependent than ever on technology to do our jobs, it is vital that you have a strong, well-staffed IT department who can offer technical support to keep your law firm running successfully. So, what can you do to retain and attract top tech talent?

Focus on reskilling and upskilling

A recent study carried out by LinkedIn showed that 45% of people recently left their job due to being concerned about the lack of opportunities for advancement.

Providing regular learning and development opportunities to your IT department, specifically in high-value skillsets such as cybersecurity, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, will not only unite and align everybody, but will also give you a competitive edge.

Top tips for providing learning opportunities:

  • Provide opportunity for hands-on tasks and experience
  • Offer access to learning platforms
  • Be transparent about organisational challenges and direction, creating a culture of feedback, ideas, and innovation
  • Provide clear and constructive feedback during meetings and regular one-on-one conversations
  • Involve your employees in your learning and development strategy.

Employees who feel that their employer is invested in them and is supportive of their career path are less likely to seek pastures new.

Automate the mundane

Tech-savvy workers are known for their innovative, problem-solving talents, and as IBM Pollyanna Principle says, ‘machines should work; people should think’.

Periodically reviewing your processes to see what repetitive, manual tasks your IT department deals with can be automated – such as threat investigations, triage of false positives, and creating reports – means that you can increase efficiency as well as the amount of time your IT department can spend on more value-add activities.

Take a look at this blog from Microsoft for some ideas about what you could automate within your firm’s IT department.

Take a user-centric approach to your IT strategy

Since remote working and the related desire/concern to upkeep productivity, it is vital that you adopt technology that your IT department will use.

Many law firms invest in technology as though people are an after-thought, placing focus on the financial side of operations, leaving users finding their own way through a labyrinth of different systems and applications, crowded with unused features.

With the growing number of complex systems being implemented, users are looking for ways to simplify their daily work lives, meaning some technologies are being abandoned in favour of easier (yet not always appropriate) ways of achieving the same outcomes. If users don’t use the technology you’re investing in, it isn’t worth it. Technology without people isn’t productive.

Learn more about user-centric IT design by downloading our eBook, here.

Embrace hybrid working

Without a doubt, the pandemic has changed the way we think about work – it is no longer a place that we go but is something that we do, and as a result, a hybrid working policy is now expected. When speaking with industry leaders, CTS found that the majority of law firm employees were looking to spend 2-3 days in the office, with the remaining days spent working remotely.

By allowing your IT team to work flexibly, from both the office and at home, you can lessen the effects of ‘burn out’ and build a sense trust and autonomy, by offering a more personalised approach to managing and retaining tech talent.

Finally, staff turnover is inevitable but there is plenty you can do to ensure your tech talent are given the best environment to thrive in. To find out how CTS can supplement your internal department, visit our website or contact us today.


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