Hoowla’s latest integration with LMS Charge Registration and Document Distribution

hoowlaHere at Hoowla HQ, we’re pleased to announce that we have successfully integrated two new features (Charge Registration & Document Distribution) with LMS into our case management software.

The LMS Charge Registration process is now accessible to all users through our platform, facilitating the transfer of case data between parties within just a few clicks – resulting in significant time savings. The integration enables direct updates from HM Land Registry (HMLR) and reduces administrative overheads for law firms. This process enables LMS to secure accurate and up to date information about the registration of charges on behalf of its lender clients regarding the property they have advanced a mortgage against.

Furthermore, the LMS Document Distribution feature is also now accessible through our case management software meaning conveyancers can submit and receive documents directly from LMS, including the mortgage offer and other associated documents. This automation not only reduces administrative duties but simplifies the process and streamlines communication for all.

After months of dedicated effort and collaboration between Hoowla and LMS developers, this integration solidifies our partnerships and propels legal technology to new heights. Our shared commitment to providing a simple, hassle-free, and cost-effective tech solution to the legal industry fosters trust and confidence with our clients.

“I am really excited about the launch of additional LMS features through Hoowla. At no extra cost to our Hoowla users, we are reducing even more re-keying of data between systems and helping our law firms dedicate more time to their clients’ needs. Working with LMS has been very easy. Technically and operationally the LMS integration has been great.” Says Adam Curtis, Managing Director of Hoowla.

Travis Scholes, Commercial Director at LMS says, “We are extremely happy to be working with Hoowla. It’s important for our customers that we work together and collaborate to create efficiencies, reduce risk and ultimately make things easier. With Hoowla, we’ve found a willing partner who shares our vision of integrated products and servicing.”

Hoowla already integrates with LMS via confirmly. confirmly is a rapid, reliable, and secure technology for verifying law firm bank account details. It utilises LMS Panel Link and specialist data for real-time monitoring, swiftly confirming details with proactive alerts that safeguard transactions throughout their duration. With confirmly, law firms can ensure that conveyancing funds are directed to authentic bank accounts and legitimate firms, minimising risks and preventing scams through an indemnified service. You can learn more about our confirmly integration here.

How to access

Users of Hoowla who opted for participation in the soft launch of our LMS integration are already experiencing the advantages of enhanced automated processes through Hoowla and LMS.

If you’re a Hoowla user and would like to know more about our LMS integration or how you can access this feature in your cases, please feel free to contact our support team who will be more than happy to help get you started.

If you’re considering a move to a new case management software and are concerned about tech upgrades or overwhelmed by technical jargon, Adam encourages you to schedule a call or demo with us at your convenience. We’re here to discuss your technical needs and show you how Hoowla can be implemented at your own pace, without any obligation.

More about LMS

LMS, the UK’s leading conveyancing services provider, has over 30 years of experience serving mortgage lenders, legal firms, brokers, and home buyers. Their comprehensive services, from fees assisted remortgages to panel management, contribute to a safer and more efficient mortgage market. Pioneers in digital technology for conveyancing, their ongoing investment and collaboration with industry stakeholders have solidified their position within the conveyancing sector. With a focus on service and technology infrastructure, they’re proud to work with an extensive lender portfolio and continue to grow their market share. Trusted by over 30 lenders, they are a technology-driven company dedicated to progress and customer support.


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