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Latimer Lee, a long-standing family-run solicitor firm in Greater Manchester, has been serving its community for over 60 years with tailored legal services. As they expanded to five additional offices, they aimed to consolidate their case management processes into a unified system.

Latimer Lee use case management software primarily for their Conveyancing processes. However, they identified the need to consolidate all their departments together into one central system to support their continued growth by improving on their already excellent service levels and enhance their quality control processes. They wanted to take a phased approach when transitioning to a new system starting with their Family law team. Their key requirements included more streamlined time-recording and invoicing capabilities for detailed client billing, as well as setting case spend limits to ensure transparent client communication. Hoowla was their ideal solution, offering not only time recording and spend limit features but also integrated invoicing and centralised storage for sending and receiving emails, case notes, and documents. Latimer Lee’s Family Law team are now benefiting from using Hoowla with the Litigation team following closely behind.

Jon Batchelor at Latimer Lee writes, “Before engaging Hoowla as our preferred supplier we carried out a full market review of the systems available. Our main objectives were to enhance our offer to clients and our quality control processes, as well as making our systems easy for our staff to use and overall improving our effectiveness as a business. The team at Hoowla have been very supportive both in the pre and post roll out stages. They have helped advise on, design and deliver enhanced processes across the business and we are delighted with the progress made so far”

Latimer Lee have been enthusiastic about transitioning their departments to the new system at their preferred pace, ensuring every team member felt comfortable and confident with the change. At Hoowla, we will gladly accommodate a phased onboarding process over several months. Each department at Latimer Lee will receive personalised training at no additional cost, scheduled at times convenient for them. As part of their staggered onboarding approach, their conveyancing team will soon benefit from Hoowla E-Signatures, Land Registry integrations and client portals. We continue to treat each department with the same level of care and professionalism they would have experienced with an all-in-one switch to Hoowla.

Adam Curtis, Managing Director of Hoowla says, “Changing case managment software is a big step. I am proud we have a reputation for working at each individual law firms pace without adding undue sales pressure to complete the deal. The Hoowla case management software is a long-term relationship with many of the firms using Hoowla now being with us for many years.”

At Hoowla, we take pride in delivering exceptional service to both new and existing clients. Every new Hoowla user receives a warm personal welcome and is provided with one-on-one or group training as needed. We firmly believe in offering a tailored approach, understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when transitioning to new case management software.

Our friendly and professional support team ensures that clients are not just a ticket number; they get to know our team on a first-name basis. All training and support are expertly managed by our account management team, who build lasting relationships with clients by offering ongoing support beyond onboarding. We believe in offering this exceptional level of service at an affordable price.

If you’re considering a move to new case management software and are concerned about tech upgrades or overwhelmed by technical jargon, Adam encourages you to schedule a call or demo with us at your convenience. We’re here to discuss your technical needs and show you how Hoowla can be implemented at your own pace, without any obligation.


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