Hello Canada! Hoowla Case Management Software is heading to Toronto

hoowlaHoowla is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a position in Innovate UK’s prestigious Global Incubator Programme! This fantastic opportunity enables us to collaborate with world-leading experts to accelerate our growth. As part of this programme, we will be working with the renowned Legal Innovation Zone at Toronto Metropolitan University to get under the skin of the legal industry in North America.

Over the course of the programme, we’ll have access to a wealth of resources, including mentorship from industry experts, networking opportunities with key players in the legal tech space as well as the Canadian Law Society, and support in refining our business strategies. This partnership will allow us to further develop and enhance our cutting-edge technologies that are set to transform the legal sector for UK and Canadian firms.

Joining this programme alongside other innovative Legal Tech companies, like Validient, StructureFlow, Lexiverify and more to share insights, collaborate on groundbreaking projects, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the legal industry. We’re excited about the growth and development this opportunity will bring to Hoowla and look forward to making a significant impact on the legal tech landscape.

Adam Curtis, Managing Director, and Edd Turtle, CTO,  will be joining the group of like-minded legal tech teams for the 6-month programme starting in June this year.

Adam Curtis says, “It’s always been my ambition to take Hoowla’s case management software international. Innovate UK’s programme is the perfect jumping off point for us in North America. I am excited to learn over the next 6 months what problems we can solve for Canadian conveyancers and lawyers.”

If you’re new to Hoowla in Canada, we’re a cloud-based case management system tailored for the legal industry, especially in conveyancing and other legal processes. We offer a suite of tools to automate repetitive tasks, manage documents and trust accounts centrally, and simplify client communication. Some of our key features include automated task and deadline management, secure client portals for case tracking and submitting digital signatures, and integration with other legal software. These tools help law firms maintain consistency, reduce manual effort, and provide transparency to clients, enhancing overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

The problems we address include inefficiency in case handling, challenges in document management, poor client communication, and the risk of missed deadlines. By automating routine tasks and providing comprehensive reporting and analytics, Hoowla helps firms stay organised, comply with legal requirements, and make data-driven decisions. Our integration capabilities ensure data flow between systems for automated form filling, reducing errors and improving operational efficiency.

For more updates about the Hoowla Case Management Software and our journey to North America, don’t forget to follow us on Linkedin. Or, if you’d like to take a guided tour of our software and learn about how it can take your firm to the next level, book a no-obligation demo with Adam Curtis.


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