Grow your law firm and increase your peace of mind by getting organised and changing your mindset

In the latest episode of the Your Law Firm Success podcast from MLT Digital Stephen Moore chats with Murray Mathieson of Positively Legal exploring the behaviours he finds in law firms of all shapes and size that hinder growth and business success.

What to expect

The Your Law Firm Success Podcast from MLT Digital is dedicated to learning the reasons for law firm success from those that have done it, are doing it or have helped law firms do it.

To date the series has covered personal branding with Austin Lafferty, from 0 to 264 staff in ten years with Greg Whyte, building a disruptive legal practice with Stephen Gold and business development with Bernard Savage.

Each episode last between 30-40 minutes and is perfect for your commute.

Murray started his business, Positively Legal, in 2003 and for twenty years now he has worked with some of the world’s, most prestigious and financially successful firms. In this conversation with Stephen, he explains:

  • What behavioural traits he finds existing in law firms of all sizes in all countries.
  • Simple changes you can make to be more productive and reduce workplace anxiety
  • How to set objectives
  • Why we, as lawyers, often struggle with the more business orientated aspects of being in a law firm.

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