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Did you know that two of the most searched phrases on Google in the legal realms are “solicitors data protection breach” and “data protection breach solicitors”. That would strongly suggest that backup technology improvements are needed urgently.

Cyber-attacks specifically targeting British institutions have doubled year on year and research shows that only about 50% of UK law firms regularly backup their data. One fire, one flood, one dead server or disk, one ransomware attack – without the right backup technology, to paraphrase the ad, “Bang – and the data’s gone!”

The reality is that, of the half of law firms that do back up data, most rely on outdated and outmoded backup technologies. The Solicitors Regulatory Authority states law firms should have a data backup strategy that covers the National Cyber Security Centre’s ‘3-2-1’ rule – three copies of all important data, on at least two separate devices and with one copy offsite.

The offsite copy can, of course, be in the form of a cloud-based backup. But the rash of free cloud backup services, predominantly US-based, that have found favour in the UK – often because they involve minimal-to-no financial outlay – risk a cruel irony: they could easily cause law firms to become lawbreakers, since the US data centres behind them typically do not comply with the UK Data Protection Act and parallel GDPR legislations.

A study carried out by the British Chambers of Commerce found that 93% of businesses that suffer extended data loss submit a file to the bankruptcy courts within one year – and 50% immediately. To ensure ransomware hackers refrain from instantly and utterly paralysing access to your data – or your business has the wrong choice of backup resulting in damaging delays, we’re offering a free backup audit to ensure you are compliant.

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