Genealogical research case reveals an unintentional bigamist

Title ResearchTitle Research’s recent case study follows the life of a Polish gentleman named Mr. S who served in the Polish Home Army during World War II and then later settled in the UK. A solicitor approached Title Research to locate the next of kin as Mr. S died intestate.

Mr. S married an English woman but she predeceased him and they did not have children together. The solicitor believed that the next step would be to search for Mr. S’s siblings, beginning in Poland. After the facts were reviewed and it was confirmed that Mr. S was born in the town of Plock, the researcher on the ground commenced work at the Polish local records office.

The researcher found that Mr. S was married in Plock before the war and his first wife was still alive in Poland. Although, she had remarried twice. As there was no divorce on record, this wife was his surviving spouse and became the next of kin. Title Research located the first wife and interviewed her about her life history. They discovered that due to the fact that Mr. S never returned to Poland following the war, he was presumed dead. She took the news that her first husband had survived well, and became the sole beneficiary to his £250,000 estate.

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