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The Future of ATE – 2017 and beyond

Tony Dyas

Tony Dyas, Senior Business Developer, Allianz.

Where does after the event (ATE) insurance go from here? If you asked most providers that question in 2013 in the lead up to LASPO then you could be forgiven for thinking that there wouldn’t be an  ATE market in 2017. If you asked ATE providers now most would at best be cautiously optimistic about the future.

At Allianz Legal Protection [1] we were quick to recognise what LASPO would mean for our customers and whilst this was the biggest change ATE market has ever seen the future still looks rosy – if a little different.

So what is the key to making ATE successful? For us it’s simple – stop looking back and start listening to your customers. We are not going to have recoverable premiums for personal injury ever again and it’s a strong possibility that recoverability won’t be here for clinical negligence in a year’s time.

The reality of the ATE world is;

So let’s look at the positives from these changes;

So is there a downside to this? Yes let’s face it with change there will be some losers;

So what is the future? The simple answer is that we need to be better at what we do. It is also about working with the right solicitors who also have a compelling vision of the future.