Furloughed but never forgotten

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Have you arranged refresher training yet for your staff that may have been on furlough?

The government is actively encouraging employers to do so and the Institute is ready and keen to help you provide it.

The furlough scheme will not continue in its current form for long now; changes have already allowed more flexibility. This means it is very important for employers to keep in close communication with their staff, so they do not feel forgotten and feel fully supported in returning to work.

In normal times, staff may find it hard to dedicate enough time to training. The workplace will be a very different place when they return and, to give employers greater flexibility in job roles, many staff may need to be trained in new areas, especially in new compliance rules.

The new Accounts Rules took effect just before lockdown started and staff may not have had sufficient opportunity to absorb the new mindset and working practices. If some of your team have been furloughed for any length of time, they will benefit from refresher training, recent changes having left the EU have also meant changes.

The next few weeks offers employers and staff an opportunity to develop new skills and qualifications, ensuring staff are better prepared for when restrictions are lifted.  This in turn means staff will offer even better value and greater flexibility to their employers.

Can staff benefit from training now?

Yes. Employers can show how much they value their staff returning from furlough by offering them the chance to gain a qualification or training to enhance their skills. Staff can also be confident the firm will be in a strong position for as we head for more ‘normal’ practices soon.

Similarly, employers will have staff who have been back working for a while and have been covering different roles. After a period of more remote supervision and cover could well mean an increased risk of compliance breaches. If you provide training for these staff, you will have evidence that you have taken reasonable steps to reduce the risk. Additionally, you have access to our extensive membership support options, including ‘live chats’ with independent experts.

What can they learn?

Quieter times can provide more time than usual for your team to engage in training or to gain new skills. In this way, employers can become more efficient and more able to react to changing demands.

The Institute has a wide range of training options for anyone who wants to learn or keep up to date with the latest developments in legal finance, VAT, bookkeeping, financial, credit and practice management.

ILFM Online has a huge store of online learning resources, with live webinars, one-to-one tutored courses and video teaching in many different skills and subjects, all of which will be valued by law firms’ support staff.

ILFM Online is expressly designed for remote training and qualifications, so you can discover great new ways to improve skills, understanding and efficiency and to save time. ILFM members can access everything at a discounted member rate, designed to ensure you get the maximum value from Membership.

What next?

If you want to find out what the Institute can provide to help staff enhance their skills in legal finance, compliance and management, click here for Qualification Courses, It’s easy to register here for Online Training options and booking.

Can we help?

We are aware of the financial challenges the current situation can present to some employers, so please just get in touch with me to discuss payment options.

Remember – we are here to help you.


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