Free Will Bank Registration – 22nd March to 22nd April 2018

CertaintyIn the last Certainty News Room article we highlighted that in January and February 2018, 45% of Certainty Will Searches carried out by the general public found an ‘unknown’ Will.

This increase in finds following a Certainty Will Search was due to the rise in mortalities in the first seven weeks of 2018 and the introduction of the capability to search for Wills written by Will writers.

Speedier finds create a better window of opportunity to win the probate

A key aspect of a Certainty Will Search is not just protection but how quickly a Will is found and reunited with a valid searcher. A speedier find reduces stress for the executors, beneficiaries and family of the deceased at an emotionally charged time.

In general the fastest Will finds are those where the Will has been registered with Certainty the National Will Register. In the majority of cases where a Will has been registered it results in the firm winning the probate work. Finding a Will quickly when it is unknown or assumed not to exist, not only prevents the estate from being distributed incorrectly but from a commercial standpoint contains the probate opportunity. When the Will is registered a Will search acts as an instant notification to the law firm that their client has died. Responding quickly to the searcher lessens the chances that they will search online for another company to administer the estate or chose a DIY route. For a searcher, finding out about an unknown Will quickly, from the firm that wrote and registered it, provides comfort, convenience and trust.

Elaine Mills, a member of the public who used a Certainty Will Search, is typical of the calls Certainty help desk deals with daily. Elaine comments: “Following the funeral we decided to look for mother’s Will. We searched in her home several times, over a weekend. We couldn’t find a Will although she said she had made one, it became distressing, especially the emotions we faced trawling through her personal possessions. On the Monday morning we looked on the internet to understand what to do, we found a company that provided probate work at a fixed fee and we also found the Certainty Will Search website. We completed a search and my husband and I decided that we would also make an appointment to meet with the probate company. However an hour after we ordered the Certainty Will Search a solicitor contacted me and asked if I was in possession of a death certificate for my mother, I said I was. The solicitor said that she knew my mother and wanted to discuss my Will search further and to bring the death certificate and my passport. I attended the office to find that they had the Will and they had registered it for my mother. They dealt with everything from there on in.”

Here is a selection of results of Will finds following a Certainty Will Register Search being undertaken to demonstrate the speed of a find and therefore the ability to intercept the searcher immediately after the search has taken place.

Free Will Bank Registration – 22nd March to 22nd April 2018

  • Registering your Wills is simple, leading Queen’s Counsel opinion states that you do not need client consent
  • Over 7.7 million Wills are within the National Will Register system
  • Certainty never discloses the existence of a Will, the solicitor that holds the found Will does

Free Will Bank Registration – 22nd March to 22nd April 2018 – what does this mean?

The register has grown significantly and for a multitude of reasons that are beneficial to the testator, their executors, beneficiaries and not least the law firm.

For the first time ever between the 22nd March to 22nd April 2018 should you wish to register your Will bank/archived Wills then you can do so absolutely free of charge and without any catches or commitment.

To express an interest please reply to this and simply state ‘interested’, with a suitable time to discuss this further.

Registering your Will bank is an easy process that removes many complications.

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