Four reasons why outsourcing your payroll makes sense for law firms

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In the legal industry, time is not just money—it’s the lifeblood of your practice. With clients to represent, cases to manage, and a constant stream of complex legal work, anything that detracts from your focus on the law can hinder your firm’s growth and success.

Payroll management, while crucial, can be a time-consuming and complex process. That’s where outsourcing your payroll to a professional service provider like Quill, can make all the difference.

In honour of National Payroll Week, let’s delve into four reasons to consider outsourcing your payroll and how it can help your legal practice:

  1. Enhanced billable hours

Time is one of your most valuable resources as a business owner. And we know you didn’t join the legal profession to drown in administrative paperwork. The time spent managing intricate payroll, PAYE queries, RTI submissions, pension, reports, payroll tasks, tax compliance, and employment regulations ultimately detracts from fee earning.

Outsourcing your payroll allows you to focus on efforts that will increase your firm’s overall billable hours and revenue. Free up your valuable time for what you do best—fighting for justice, researching those tricky cases, and helping your clients.

  1. Cost savings and time efficiency

And when you consider the expenses associated with hiring and training in-house payroll staff, purchasing payroll software, and maintaining the necessary infrastructure, the costs can quickly add up.

Outsourcing eliminates these overhead costs and the drudgery of payroll and pension administration. We can handle everything from Bacs transfer of salary payments to payslip production and can accommodate weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly and monthly pay runs.

You can easily scale up or down according to your staffing levels, meaning you only pay for the payroll services you need. It’s an ideal way to trim costs (and reduce stress!) as a small to medium-sized business owner.

  1. Payroll compliance expertise

Let’s face it, navigating the intricate web of payroll regulations and tax laws can be a bit of a maze, making it challenging for businesses to stay compliant. Plus, payroll errors can also lead to disgruntled staff and potential disputes.

When you outsource your payroll, you’re tapping into a Bacs-approved bureau with a team who live and breathe these regulations and regimentally adhere to HMRC legislation, RTI online submission requirements and auto enrolment workplace pension rules. Our payroll experts come with over 50 years’ experience in the legal industry and handle over 6,000+ payroll calculations per month for legal practices just like yours.

  1. Scalability for growth

As your law firm grows, so does your workforce and payroll complexity. Managing this growth in-house can be a daunting task and may require continuous adjustments to your payroll processes and systems.

Payroll processing can be a source of stress for law firm owners and HR personnel. With Quill, you get an assigned, named payroll officer that acts as your payroll department and handles everything you need with an innate knowledge of the quirks of the legal world. Outsourcing offers scalability, allowing you to adapt to changing needs seamlessly, without the hassle of constantly reevaluating and upgrading your payroll infrastructure.


In conclusion, outsourcing your payroll offers a myriad of benefits that can positively impact your business’s efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and bottom line. By outsourcing the nitty-gritty of payroll, you and your legal team can put your heads together for more strategic decisions. It’s time to plan for growth, innovation and the future of your practice. So, if you haven’t already considered outsourcing your payroll, it’s time to explore this cost-effective and efficient solution.

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