Flooding: ten most common questions answered

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The Environment Agency and British Red Cross are urging younger people specifically to learn how to look after themselves and their communities in times of flooding. While their joint report highlights that young people are the most at risk in a flood, at Groundsure we want everyone to be aware of the risks associated with flooding, the potential for flooding where they live or own property, and the ways that can affect their property or any transactions they may be considering. Our 7-in-1 Groundsure Avista report reveals the potential risk of flooding that may impact a home, but we also want to make sure that people know what to do should flooding happen to them.

The way we hope to do this? Answer some of the most commonly asked questions on the subject. We used a handy tool called ‘Answer The Public’ to see what people are Googling about flooding.

We then pulled out 10 of the most common questions about flooding to answer below:
1. What causes flooding?
2. Where does flooding occur in the UK?
3. Can flooding be predicted?
4. Can flooding be prevented?
5. Does flooding cause harm to health?
6. Will flooding affect house prices?
7. How do I find out what flood zone I am in?
8. What can I do about flooding?
9. Who to contact about flooding
10. What should I know about buying a house at risk of flooding?

Read our blog for the answers to the 10 most common questions about flooding

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