Five years in: Lawyers love their multi-document workflows with Casedo

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Most lawyers work with dozens of digital documents at once. Indeed, a single case easily spawns 1,000+ pages of PDFs and Word documents. But many lawyers feel frustrated and limited by typical multi-document workflows involving stock software like Adobe Acrobat and Word—that includes the barrister who invented Casedo.

Typical multi-document workflows involve (1) a PDF reader that’s bogged down with tiny, indiscernible tabs and (2) multiple instances of Microsoft word crowding a screen. Workflows that technically work but emphasize work rather than flow.

Five years ago, Casedo set out to redefine multi-document workflows—building a smarter, tab-free document workspace to help lawyers navigate complex records. The goal was to design a streamlined workspace that put all documents at your fingertips, making them easy to navigate, annotate, bookmark, comment, search, and more.

After rounds of development and ongoing optimization through years of use in the courtroom and beyond, Casedo has evolved to become a go-to tool for users around the globe. As one user recently put it: “Casedo for bundles, OneNote for notes.”

Five years in, Casedo is looking ahead to the future, developing lawyer-designed features that will further transform digital workflows. At the same time, Casedo is proud to reflect on the past and where the user experience already is today. In that spirit, Casedo is honored to share the following feedback from its users:


“Designed for anyone who has to regularly work with multiple files and documents, Casedo will transform the way you work.

It enables you to link, view and annotate multiple sources and save, share and archive your work as a single project.

Intuitive and easy to use, I have not seen anything else like it – as such it is truly revolutionary.”

Tim Longden, Director of Marketing & Communications, City University


“Casedo has transformed my practice. Having been skeptical at first that making my bundles ‘fully digital’ could work for me, I am now a convert.

Casedo provides the benefits of a paper bundle – particularly being able to quickly hold pages up against each other, highlight bits of text, and ‘stick a post-it in’ – with all the benefits of search and speed that digital files have.

It is much better than paper bundles, and better than adobe or pdf. Casedo brings order to even the most slapdash scanning job, and has given me an edge both at court and in chambers by making it easy to analyse and order large bundles quickly. I now work off it almost exclusively.”

Tom Haggie, Barrister, QEB


“There is a clear and pressing need for software which allows the easy organisation, cross-referencing and marking-up of electronic documents.

Casedo appears to meet that need and from what I have seen it has obvious advantages over the solutions which are currently available.”

Chris Aikens, Barrister, 11 South Square


“I found Casedo really easy to use. It is intuitive, not cluttered with various menus and options and you could really get going with it in a matter of minutes.

I think Casedo is a great product.”

Peter Goff, Litigant in person


“A crucial part of litigation is efficiently managing information and the documents that contain it.

Casedo enables lawyers to do that in the digital environment, and also to exploit the untapped potential of IT when dealing with their papers.

I can see Casedo becoming the industry standard as courts and their users move online.”

Gervase de Wilde, Barrister, 5RB


“I was impressed with the versatility and usefulness of Casedo and what it allows lawyers to do.

I think it will work equally well for litigation and commercial law practitioners.”

Nicholas Eldred, Consultant General Counsel


“Casedo is an extremely efficient and intuitive e-bundling tool, particularly useful for courtroom advocates.

It’s leagues ahead of its Adobe counterparts, and likely to significantly reduce case preparation time.

Casedo is fantastic software.”

Joe Rainer, Barrister, QEB


“Casedo is a really useful program, making manipulation and use of electronic documents very straightforward.

It is very straightforward to use, even for a comparative technophobe like me.”

Harriet Brown, Barrister, Old Square Tax Chambers


“Casedo makes a profound difference to working on long-running, document-heavy litigation.

Open your Casedo file and you have all of your previous analysis at your fingertips plus the flexibility to add, remove and rearrange documents and notes easily as the litigation develops.

I wouldn’t want to be without it on any case.”

Charlotte Beynon, Barrister, Serle Court Chambers


“Casedo is excellent software and makes documents very easy to deal with.”

Rory Mullan, Barrister, Old Square Tax Chambers


“One stop for all the evidence I need to be ahead of my opposition in negotiating a client’s financial settlement.

At last, quick links to argument points in Form E evidence”

Ian Berkeley-Hurst, Solicitor, I.J.B.H. Limited


“I have only been using Casedo for a few days but it has already transformed the way I work. An outstanding piece of software and incredibly easy to use.”

Ed Levey QC, Fountain Court


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